Sunday, March 21

Spring In Ellicott City

SSBF and I spent our first day of spring walking around in Historic Ellicott City. It was a gorgeous day and although I know SSBF would have rather stayed inside to watch the basketball games he was kind enough to oblige to my wishes.

This time last year SSBF and I were actually hoping to buy a house in the Ellicott City/Oella area. It is just a 15 minute drive from where we live now, but unlike Columbia that has been commercialized and franchised to death, Ellicott City has a quaint little shopping district full of antique shops, posh restaurants, and small businesses. Its a great place to wander around for a day.

I probably could have got away with wearing this dress sans leggings but as much as I am ready for winter to be over, I'm not quite ready to give up my layers yet.  

SSBF was a real sport today, in addition to making him go out during all the March Madness, I made him take pictures in public AND hold my handbag. He even let me snap a rare picture of him (after much prodding of course) What a sweetheart. It was an wonderful day. Although I am having a little shopper's remorse for a purchase I didn't make. You see, I came across a black Movado envelope clutch in one of the antique stores for $22!. I didn't get it though in light of all the purchases I had made earlier in the day. I wonder if I can cancel one of my orders....

*Dress, Target
*Cardigan, Old Navy
*Leggings, Target
*Boots, Forever 21


  1. I love that floral dress! Its so funny because I have the same one but I purchased mine at TJ weird! I love how its reversible, two dresses in one is alright with me haha

  2. great dress! I'm working on incorporating more florals into my wardrobe, but with receiving snow over the weekend it's hard to get into the floral mood :)

    My hubbs feels your SSBF's pain. I prod him for pictures all the time, but to no avail. I've finally purchased a tripod so that he doesn't have to take pics of me anymore!



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