Thursday, April 1

ahhhh, day off.

With SSBF on spring break I decided to take a couple days off work this week to get some things done around the house and catch up on some of my school work. Today we headed out to River Hill Nursery in Clarksville to finally pick out some foundation plants for our garden. Well, actually we went there knowing next to nothing about what we wanted and had a few of the people there point us in the right direction. We ended up with 4 shrubs, a small tree, and some perennials for both the front and back yards.

That is the back of subbie all loaded up with the our new plants. It was fun going to a privately owned nursery, most of the employees were really helpful and well versed in gardening. Apparently there is a lot more to planting flowers then I originally thought. Like for example it is a good idea to plant flowers that bloom at different times to keep the color going throughout the year. Also, a perennial will come back every season, but annuals you need to replant every year.

By the time we got home from the nursery (after a quick stop) at Home Depot we only had time to put the flowers in out front. The ones we put in will bloom orange and yellow and eventually will spread out to about 18 inches wide (which is why we left so much room in between). We will probably head out again sometime this weekend to get some more to fill in the gaps.

The entire time we were outside today, whether it was out back or front, we had a little audience. They are such snuggy bums. Dolce (in the front) was the most curious, and quite brave. He ventured outside for a few minutes to sniff around.

I had SSBF take a few pictures of the outfit I wore, but the area we took them in was riddled with shadows so they didn't come out very well. Between Home Depot and River Hill we spent about $350 today on plants, a hose, a hose storage box, gardening gloves for me, a small shovel, and weed killer. With the shrubs costing the most at about $35 a pop.

Now about that homework.....

*Twill Blazer, Gap
*Sequin Tank, Old Navy
*Boyfriend Jeans, Gap
* Shoes, Keds


  1. Look at you planting flowers! And, looking good doing it ;)


  2. nice! glad you guys made the move to planting!

    If you need more gardening supplies, look for local estate sales in the newspaper. I got 2 garden hoses, a hose holder, 2 shovels, a garden rake, watering canteen plus random household stuff like a cake pan and an old waffle maker ... for a total of $5. Best deal of the month!

  3. I am VERY impressed with the gardening knowledge you amassed on your outting-well done! You truly are a home-owner now. Might I suggest getting a pair of Crocs to use as gardening shoes-for those times you must pull weeds in dampdirt/mud? The best time to pull weeds is either in the AM or after rain has fallen..the dirt is soft and the weeds come out easier..

    Now if you plant a vegetable/herb garden like we do, well then you're getting hard-core lol


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