Saturday, April 3

J.Crew Spring

So considering this is a fashion blog, I'm sure you guys were sick of hearing about my nonexistent gardening knowledge. Luckily for you all the April J.Crew catalogue arrived a few days ago. Naturally, I found plenty of things I loved and thought I share a few of my favorites with you.

I am loving the slouchy, relaxed fit of the merino sweater. It is like something out of my dreams and  conveniently it is the most affordable thing in this set at $68. (I'm sensing a trip to J.Crew in my near future) The coat is my second favorite, everything about it just screams spring, and the cropped sleeves allow plenty of time for it to be worn. I've seen this dress


from the H&M garden collection floating around weardrobe and chictopia. For those of you that love watercolors, but aren't adventurous enough for that dress, this coat is a great alternative.

The boots and jewelry, well those speak for themselves.

Now where can I find the $1100 needed for these pieces?

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