Sunday, April 4

Challenge Accepted

Last night while I was consoling SSBF (with head rubs) after the Michigan State game we got to talking.
((Sidenote:  After being with SSBF for 3 and 1/2 years, and buying a house together, we often get the question "So when are you getting married?")) Well last night jokingly I said, so when are we getting married. SSBF's response? "When you stop buying clothes."

Challenge Accepted. There will be no clothing purchases for the month of April.

Now clearly I will never stop buying clothes and for financial reasons other then my shopping habit, I don't expect SSBF to propose at the end of this. However, that little statement got me thinking a lot. I attempted a shopping ban once before back in October. My goal was to go the entire month without buying clothes in an effort to save for Christmas gifts. However, not surprisingly, I failed.

In hindsight, I did a few things wrong, first and foremost I didn't pinpoint the reason I shop. I've come to the conclusion that the sheer act buying something new and the excitement that comes along with styling something new is what drives my spending. It doesn't matter if its $5 or $50. It's new. After a few weeks though that excitement wanes and I look for something else to fill the void. Secondly, I didn't create any consequences to failing. There was no punishment when I cheated a little, and then a lot. Obviously with no punishment, there was no incentive to not cheat. Finally, I didn't reward myself at the end. I didn't give myself anything to look forward to.Yes, I would have more money for Christmas gifts, but what does that really do for me?

So here are the ground rules for this month:

1. I am going to pick out 15 pieces (tops, bottoms, accessories) and try to incorporate them into my outfits each week. More to come on which ones...

2. If I cave, I will have to pay for Chick-Fil-A dinner every Friday in May.

3. If I survive, SSBF will join me for one day of shopping, courtesy of the money saved in my ING sub-account :)

I know the third ground rule sounds a little counter-productive, but I see this exercise as a way of developing self-control and wardrobe satisfaction rather then just as a money saving challenge.

Wish me luck.


  1. I NEED to do something similar but I have nothing to help with my self control! You're so cute! Good luck with the challenge! and ps, I'm a MSU alum and although I care very little for athletics, my heart broke a little when we lost!

  2. Good luck! I'm trying to curb my spending too, there's so much temptation out there, but it is so possible!

  3. Good luck, dear! I have complete confidence in you - and when you do it, I'd like a little tip on how I can also :)


  4. I just read about this challenge you are doing. Good luck! You can do it! I am motivated to do this too now!

  5. This challenge idea is just what I need, I am saving for my wedding and the saving is not going so well because both myself and my future hubby love to shop...Yikes:/ A financial match made in hell. However you have inspired me with this great "How to"...Best of Luck and super blog!


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