Tuesday, April 6

Odds and Ends

Well, we put the finishing touches on our entry door project this weekend. We bought some new address numbers and a new light fixture in nickel to match the hardware on our door. These finishing touches took the better part of an afternoon to complete because a few unforeseen circumstances.

First, the numbers we originally bought from Home Depot involved drilling pretty big holes and some caulking, basically a little more expertise then either of us possess. Then came the light. SSBF took the original light down only to find the person who put the last one up had half-assed the job completely. So in attempting to put the new light up it kept ripping the screw that held the bracket out of the brick! After two trips to Home Depot, an extra screw, adhesive, and some waterproof sealant we finally got the bugger to stay... for now.

On another note I've decided I can finally call it Spring because SSBF and I had our first taste of Rita's water ice this weekend. If you have never had Rita's and live in these states you must go and quickly. It is the best Spring/Summer treat. I personally recommend the Mango Gelati. For all the rest of you, just keep it in mind when visiting those states.

Other then that it was a pretty low key weekend. SSBF and I went for a walk around our neighborhood on Sunday. We have tons of little walking paths in the community and there is this little bridge that we always drive by, so I had him take some pictures down there.

Nothing too special. Sunday was probably one of the nicest days temperature-wise we've had so far. I've seen some people in some seriously Summer outfits, which I have no real problem with.  I just prefer to be conservative, play it slow, savor Spring if you will. That, and I'm kind of obsessed with this scarf right now. You can't really tell because of how bright the sun is but my tee is actually a faded yellow. It is also one of my favorites.

It was just one of those quiet weekends where I got to spend a lot of time with SSBF and we got some things done. It was relaxing, and wonderful... Why did it have to end?

*Scarf, Old Navy
*Boyfriend Cardigan, J.Crew
*Tee, J.Crew
*Tank, Old Navy
*Jeans, Old Navy
*Boots, Forever 21


  1. The new light/numbers look great! I can't wait to do fun little projects like this when we own a home. Love your scarf!

  2. Love your new entry way. However, I love your scarf even more! I am like you - I'm having a hard time jumping too far into spring just yet. But, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I'm tired of seeing people wearing maxi dresses already - it's the first week of April for goodness sake!

    ok, rant over :)


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