Wednesday, April 7

April Outfit Challenge: Day 6

At first I was going to do a post about the 15 peices I picked to be the foundation of my wardrobe this month. However, the pictures didn't do the clothing any justice so I scrapped that plan and thought I would just introduce them to you as they come. This was my first offical challenge outfit this month. (In case you missed it I've challenged myself to a month of no spending, check out the details here.)

Both the shirt and the skirt in this outfit are part of my 15. I love this button down that I picked up from New York & Co. one random day. Its not a regular haunt, but it seems like from time to time I can stop in and find one peice I love at an amazing price (aka. $14.99, ladies) My favorite detail that I foolishly disguised in this outfit is the pockets. I love pockets. The skirt is from the J.Crew outlet. It got shoved away in some dark corner of my closest until about a week ago. I was so excited to find it so I could start working it in to heavy rotation.

I love both of these peices but I'll be honest, after seeing these pictures the first time I wasn't the biggest fan of this outfit. It just seemed too boring and drab for the beautiful summer-like weather we've been having. It's grown on me a little but in hindsight it definitely needs a pair of pumps in a bright color next time around.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I love the skirt - does it have some sort of texture? or just a pattern? I think I agree with you - I love the shoes you have on (in fact, the outfit is great) but a pop of color either in the shoes or the shirt would def make it more summery



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