Sunday, April 11

April Challenge: Day 10

This is starting to get difficult. My wish-lists on various sites are starting to get to a critical level. There is so much spring stuff I'm dying to buy, and everything seems to be on sale! But I can't, I refuse to cave this time.

I impressed SSBF with my self-control yesterday when we went to Old Navy to return the pair of jeans I had ordered (which I'm pretty peeved about since the size below I couldn't even zip up, and these were baggy!). We went in and I walked straight to the counter. I knew I wasn't even about to walk around cause I would get myself in trouble, but SSBF was surprised to say the least.

We got out to a late start today because I had work in the morning. I always dread working Saturday's, it kind of kills the momentum and excitement of the weekend. Anyways, we were running out of time to take photos so on our way out to dinner we pulled into a random industrial park where we found these stairs. We've never really took any pictures when the sun was setting, so as you can imagine there were only a few useable pictures.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned, but I'm kind of a no frills girl, and love outfits with structure. Which is why I tend to where a lot of button-down shirts. This is one of my favorites and also one of my challenge pieces. It is light-weight and longer in length. I decided to pair it with my boyfriend jeans that made their first ever appearance rolled down! I really am in love with them like that, especially with the wedges. The coat of course is J.Crew.

*Coat, J.Crew
*Top, Forever 21
*Boyfriend Jeans, Gap
*Shoes, DSW

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  1. I'm glad to hear that your challenge is going well :) Old Navy is a hard one for me, too because everything is so cheap! I feel like I can spend twice as much, but that kind of defeats the purpose...


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