Monday, April 12

quick trip to philly

I've been dying to wear an outfit like this ever since I saw Julie of Orchid Grey rock the Dynamite Dress from Modcloth. Check out how she styled it here.

SSBF was grumpy today because I was going to Philly and he had to finish the laundry for me so he took limited pictures of me. haha.

We only live 2 hours from Philly but the drive to there is almost always dreadful. Not only does Delaware charge you $8 in tolls to simply drive through it for 30 minutes round trip but there is often construction, congestion, and simply terrible drivers littering the road. The only good thing about the drive up there is getting to see three different city skylines. When I a kid I used to tell my dad that I wanted to become a photographer and dedicate a book to photos of city skylines. I don't know why it is I love them so much but anytime I drive by one I tend to get lost in the visual.

The reason for going up there is always worth the drive though. Today was my best friend Kristi's baby shower. I've known for Kristi what feels like a lifetime and was just in her wedding last March.

We were such crazy teenagers growing I can't believe how much both of us have settled down. When I was driving up there I couldn't help but think about how much her friendship has meant to me over the years. The funny thing about Kristi and me is that we always seemed to find each other. When we first met we were like 8 and played on a softball team together. Then after 6 years we ended up on the same SEPTA bus going to high school a block way from each other.  Finally, Junior year of high school we applied for the same job at Gap. After the third time I think we realized we were meant to be friends. Kristi will always be with me. She has to be, her name is the tattoo on my foot.

Even though Kristi ruined it by having the baby via an emergency C-section on St. Patrick's Day (jkjk) it was a lovely afternoon. Mom and baby are doing well and I am looking forward to meeting little Cameron Mari very soon.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

*Boat neck Tee, J.Crew
*Dress, Old Navy
*Scarf, Target
*Sandals, Target


  1. i love this outfit! all the grey colors really compliment each other. looks great on you!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment. I really love your blog! Im glad you left me a comment so now I am able to see your blog! Cute skirt! x

  3. I adore this outfit <3 Something I'd wear

    Your blog is so original too, mixing fashion with the financial side of things, it's just the kind of blog I needed to see :)

    p.s come check out my blog, it's very new (less than two weeks old) but I'd love to hear what you think :)

  4. I love this look! It's great on you!


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