Tuesday, April 20

April Challenge: Day 20

I've been thinking a lot about what is going to happen once this challenge is over. I've decided there are two possible outcomes to this whole experiment.

1. I will be enlightened by my experience and it will change how I look at shopping forever.
2. I will fall easily back into my old ways after not shopping for a month and run up quite the tab.

I'm hoping for the first but preparing for the second. In an effort to curtail my spending once May 1st comes around I decided to try and put together a list of the things I feel as though I can't live the summer without. I plan to use this list as a guide for when I'm shopping. If an item is not on the list, then I will really have to justify buying it.

A couple of these items have been reoccurring lately on some sets I've put together on polyvore which is a good sign that I won't lose interest in them. I'm still searching for the right white jeans at the right price. The bathing suit is also to die for. I can just see myself laying around on the beach in the OBX with that beauty. The dress from American Apparel also never found its way into my closet. I plan to change that. Even with 3/4 sleeves that dress will be perfect for anywhere the AC is blasting this summer. In my mind the fedora and the romper speak for themselves.

ah! I can not wait for this month to be over!

What are you filling your closet with this summer?

items from left:

AE Herringbone Straw Fedora, $24.50
J.Crew Merino Popover Tunic, $68
Martin &Osa Skinny Jeans, $89.50
Steve Madden Genevvaa Sandals, $79 (via Piperlime)
Luca Couture Silky Zip Romper, $58  (via Urban Outfitters)
AA Pique Dolman Sleeve Dress, $36
J.Crew Pindot Underwire top & bottom, $100


  1. Filling mine with maternity clothes-though I'd like to fill another closet with some pink-I'll find out soon.

  2. oh I just love your picks! especially those sandals... you MUST get those :)


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