Saturday, April 17

debating a life sucked out the energy

When we first moved to Maryland SSBF and I would take little day trips to go hiking. It was almost 3 years ago that we went to Mt. Catoctin and Cunnigham Falls. With nothing else to do today, SSBF came up with the idea to go back. Seconds after he mentioned it I was reaching in his side of the closet looking for his most "mountainy" shirt. He vetoed a few before I styled this one enough to be acceptable. My problem is that the sleeves always look HUGE on me. (Nothing a little rolling can't fix) Even though its spring the weather today reminded me more of a fall day with a crisp breeze so I opted to channel a little more autumn in my outfit with the plaid.

 It was a coincidence that he mentioned going back to Catoctin after I spent the night before reminiscing through our first couple years here by reading through some posts on my old blog. One thing that bummed me out about reading it was realizing not that much has changed since then. Besides the fact that we bought a house I still do most of the things now, that I did back then. Which was primarily complain about my job, gush about my cats, and wish my credit card and student loan debt would just disappear.

I know I am being simplistic by saying nothing has changed, because in reality I am in graduate school, much more realistic with my financial situation, and on the verge of something in my career. I just don't feel like I have grown much at all in the past few years. It's strange to feel like I have been sitting still while life keeps on moving. I have this urge to just go outside and run. Not quite away, but in a direction that will make something happen. Anything. 

The next couple weeks are bound to be interesting with my semester wrapping up and some changes happening with work. I am looking forward to a month off from class to be able to spend a little more time focusing on my blog, and SSBF of course.  

*Shirt, Old Navy (borrowed from SSBF)
*Vest, Kohls
* Shorts, DIYed from an old Gap pair
*Boots, Rocketdog via DSW

P.S. The small hole in my tights is courtesy of Dolce (my cat). I guess he wanted me to go for the distressed look.


  1. does one hike in suede dress boots?

  2. Haha, she did just fine =). I can attest.

    Baby, perhaps take a bigger step back? About four years ago you and I were college kids going out for drinks at Frank's. We've come a long one way since then. A new home, less credit card debt, almost have our Masters...and of course three beautiful cats =).

    Up close it doesn't look like much is different, but from afar, things aren't looking so bad. And besides, you will always complain about work, money, and the such. That's just human nature.

    At least you'll always have me to complain to.

    Love you baby.

  3. LOVE your boots, dear! In fact, love your whole outfit! looks like you guys had such a relaxing day.

    I totally understand what you mean about life though.... sometimes it feels like its going by way too fast and there's nothing to show for it. But, i always start to feel that way around this time of the semester... it just gets rough. hang in there it'll get better!


  4. I definitely feel what you're feeling. 2 years I've been complaining about my job and reaching for better while not even moving. I'm in it for the long haul at school as well, broke grad student it is!

    Ripped Nylon


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