Friday, May 21

business in the front, party in the back.

Gray Jeans 3

Gray Jeans 25

Remember way back in January when I gushed about getting my hands on a pair of gray jeans from Martin & Osa? Yeah, me either. But I was able to track down the post I wrote here. I can't believe it was that long ago! I had tried them on back in February but had passed on them because the 26 was a little too snug, thank you sneaky winter weight gain, and I refused to go a size up (ridiculous, I know). In February they cost $99.50. Then sometime in April when I had already started my April Challenge they went on promotion for $59.50. I was definitely tempted. Then out of nowhere Martin & Osa decided to have the most amazing sale ever. The entire site was 30% off, full price and sale, bring the cost of the jeans down to about $41.75. Long story, a little less long, I bought them. 27's and all.

Gray Jeans 26

Gray Jeans 15

Gray Jeans 10 Gray Jeans 12

I picked up this navy blue top along with the jeans. For $27 this shirt is just short of amazing. It's called the "Mixed Media Top" rightly so. The front is 100% silk while the back is 100% jersey cotton. Auh-maz-ing. It's business in the front, party in the back, Ha! Like a mullet, only a gazillion times better. It has the most perfect amount of slouch to make it casual cool, without looking sloppy.

Gray Jeans 4
Gray Jeans 2

If you can't tell my my unusually large amount of pictures I can't get enough of this outfit, and yes the blazer is the one that has littered my last 3 outfit posts. It's just been one of those weeks, I felt like I needed to bring it full circle.

Anyways, the moral here is good things (like 60% off jeans) come to those who wait!

Have an amazing weekend!

ps. that sale is still going... head on over and check it out :)

* "Mixed Media Top", Martin & Osa
*Blazer, Gap
*Jeans, Martin & Osa
*Sandals, Steve Madden via Piperlime
*Initital Pendant, Delicate Raymond

One last photo for SSBF.. this one's his favorite.
Gray Jeans 9


  1. I love your outfit! It's polished and chic, are all the pieces you're wearing under $150 each? If so, I'd love to feature this post on my blog, Beauty and the Budget.

  2. We first found you on weardrobe and had to come check out your blog! We are a group of 20-somethings that work in a high-end consignment store in Atlanta, GA and we think the concept of this blog is GENIUS! We're all about affordable fashion. we're running an ad campaign right now in a local magazine where we show the difference between regular retail and our prices. we'd love for you to take a peek at our blog and let us know what you think...

  3. Awesome, love the outfit and congrats on the jeans!! Have a great weekend :D

    Ripped Nylon

  4. great outfit, as always dear! LOVE the shoes! I've been eyeing those for myself ;)


  5. Love this. So simple but so perfect! The jeans look wonderful on you, to hell with sizes.


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