Thursday, May 13

chase you down until you love me, paparazzi.

Rainy Wednesday-

Holy crap it's Thursday! I can't believe how fast this week has gone. 
When I was working at Enterprise a week like this would have lasted a lifetime. Between the rain and cold I would have come home a miserable ball of contempt. However I work inside now, in a cozy (alabeit chilly) office for the duration of my day. It's kind of amazing.

I've been trying to restrain myself from gushing about my new job. I have to say though I didn't realize how awful Enterprise was and how depressed I was with my job until I started working on Monday. Everyday I've come home full of energy and I actually look forward to getting ready in the morning. It's a welcome change of pace for SSBF and I.

Rainy Wednesday-13Rainy Wednesday-9

Rainy Wednesday-14

Rainy Wednesday-4

Speaking of SSBF and I, we've been on a spending frenzy. I can hardly believe it. Like I mentioned earlier in the week we spent a good part of Saturday, and about $150 working on the garden. Then on Sunday another $140 to organize the guest bedroom. Well last night we spent the better part of $700 on a patio set, charcoal grill, and various supplies (like charcoal). I think we can finally say our outdoor area is complete!

Hopefully now I can go back to spending my money on important things, like the It's a Wonderful Top in Wisteria from Modcloth.

PS. if you haven't seen it, check out this little kid singing "Paparazzi" it's amazing.

*Dress, Target
*Tights, Gap
*Blazer, Gap Outlet
*Watch, Guess

Post Title: Lady Gaga "Paparazzi"


  1. Love the outfit ! Girly with an edge.

  2. oh, I just heart your dress and sandals! so great!

  3. I love your blazer! And what a great idea for a blog : )


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