Monday, May 10

the weekend that got away...

This weekend came and went right before my eyes without a single outfit picture to show for it. Sorry ladies.
Friday night I went out to celebrate my last day at Enterprise oddly enough with people that don't work there anymore either. It was great. We started the night with dinner at Ryleigh's Oyster and followed it up with beer and bar shuffleboard at Don't Know? Tavern. Both amazing places in Federal Hill (Baltimore). SSBF and I don't get down to Baltimore often so this was a nice change of pace for us. Bar shuffleboard was aweosme. Seriously. I want one of those things for my basement.
On Saturday I realized why gardening is considered a hobby. SSBF and I spent the better part of 5 hours slash an entire afternoon working on both the front and back of the house. I spent at least an hour on just pulling up crab grass that was overtaking an area of the garden in the back. We desperately wanted to add some color so we bought some annuals to scatter about. Marigolds for the front and Impatiens for the back.

|Various flowers in the back of the house|

We also laid some mulch down to cover up our icky looking clay soil. It's incredible how different it looks. This week we will be heading to Lowe's to purchase this patio set, then the backyard will be complete!

Finally on Sunday I had resigned myself to cleaning in prepartion for my parents visit next weekend. In an attempt to clean the floor under our sofa I started moving furniture around. You see SSBF and I have never been 100% happy with the layout of our living room. Well, that one innocent little act turned into something completely different. I ended up moving the papazan chair that resided collecting dust in the corner of our living room to the guest bedroom. Which then led to a need to reorganize that. I had been using it as my own personal shoe closet. So after a 2 hour trip to target behold I ended up with the most amazing set up for most of my shoes. The more seasonal ones are resting in an organizer under the day bed.

ahhh, like a dream come true and with each unit costing 12.99 each (3 shown here) it was a rather cheap project.

I love productive weekends.


  1. Nice shoe collection! And what a great way to organize them - I may need to look into that myself.

    BTW, I just found your blog and think it is awesome how you're tracking your spending. I did that for several months and should really get back into it myself.

  2. Great shoe rack, I wanted to clear out my closet this weekend, but ended up laying around instead =] I have unnecessarily deep shelves, so a closet renovation is in order to better house my lovelies!

    Ripped Nylon

  3. Good lord, you put me to shame! I get excited if I manage to dominate one room, let alone an outdoor space. I can't wait to garden, but I fear the green thumb is not in my future :-(


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