Sunday, May 9

Spending Diary: Week 3

Sunday: I splurged today on a pair of Steve Madden cuffed sandals that I have wanted for what feels like a lifetime. After tax they cost me $82.34. I went to Marshal's, a rare trip for me to see if I could find them at a discount and I did, except they were black and I wanted the cognac. I had convinced myself to settle for the black ones because they were half the price at $35.99. I had even gone as far as getting in line to buy them but at the last minute I decided to not settle and buy the ones I wanted. I also bought some lottery tickets for us. $200 million? Yes please. Lottery tickets: $5

Monday: Automatic payments for Mortgage ($735.16) and car ($380.85) came out today.

Tuesday: Lunch with Mark today. Spent $12.06 (including tip) to eat half of the sandwich I ordered. That’s the one thing I hate about eating out, I always ending up paying for twice the food I can eat. But I guess that’s more of a proportion problem. Luckily, I work with all guys and was able to bring my lunch back to the office for someone to eat and not waste

Wednesday: SSBF needed post-it notes for a lesson, $ 7.41 for a pack of sticky notes, talk about expensive! Then I had to make a trip to Giant, a grocery store, to pick up ingredients for the cupcakes I was making. I threw my own little going away party at work. $16.90

Thursday: I was supposed to go to lunch today with my good friend Candace that also works at Enterprise. I was bummed when she had to cancel because she couldn't get out of the branch, but I think my wallet and my waist were pretty happy. My automatic payment to my cell phone hit though, $78 for mu blackberry per month.

Friday: Free at laaast. For the first time since we moved here SSBF and I went out in Federal Hill with some friends to celebrate the end of my Enterprise career. Luckily, SSBF picked up the dinner tab. I just paid for parking:$14. Also filled up the gas tank for the week $35.05

Saturday: Went to pick up some kitty food at Petsmart: $16.06 and since we missed Chick-fil-a dinner last night I promised SSBF I would make it up to him. So we had it for dinner tonight, my treat: $17.75.

Total Spent: $1395.58

Thoughts: I spent a lot on food related items this week, very abnormal for me. The shoes were definitely a splurge. I can't remember the last time I spent that much on sandals but they came, and I love them very much. I also waited an entire month for them. I am starting to feel more in control of my spending. It's a really good feeling.

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