Saturday, May 8

Meet my mom.

This is my favorite photo of her. It was taken the day of my baptism almost 26 years ago. The exposure is dark and the picture candid but I love seeing my mom in this effortlessly chic kind of way. It's funny because I think if I came across that top in a thrift store I would totally want to rock it. We are so similiar to one another we drove each other crazy when I was growing up, but she always put up with me. 
Although her style is much more casual now then it used to be I know deep down I got my style from her(not to mention her spending habits!). 

Mom, this is your day and because I can't be with you on it I just want to quickly say Happy Mother's Day.
I love you Mom!

Oh and SSBF Mom, if your reading. Happy Mother's Day to you as well :)

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