Monday, May 24

Must Have: LemLem Lucy Patio Dress

So I had this whole blog post scheduled for tonight about maxi dresses, something about relish, and taste buds. It was a whole thing. However when I got home the June J.Crew Catalogue had arrived and it changed my life.

Meet the LemLem Lucy Patio Dress.

Isn't she beautiful?
She is kind of like a maxi dress, except on a whole other level.
LemLem is from Liya Kebede's line of handmade garments. She started LemLem in an effort to help Ethopian weavers who were losing their jobs because of decreasing local demand.

After doing a little research I learned there was a lot more covet.
At the LemLem website there is an entire collection of beautiful, handmade scarves, dresses, and children's clothes.

Finally, I can feel good about spending $200 on a dress.

|photo courtesy of J.Crew June 10 catalogue|


  1. such a beautiful dress! And, a good cause! Great post!

  2. Shay
    That's what happened when I got home today too!! The June issue was in my mailbox and although I love fashion and hate spending, I've already started finding reasons to get this dress! I L O V E it!!!


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