Wednesday, May 26

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floral and stripes (45)

Do you know what I will never get sick of? Business casual. That is of course after the initial rush and fuss of deciding on an outfit in the morning. I have been extra indecisive lately, it's been taking me forever to get ready for work. Maybe I need to start laying my clothes out the night before. I don't know if I could do that though. I am one of those people that packs the morning of a trip, it drives SSBF crazy. It's always hilarious in the morning because he practically has to drag me out of the house so I stop grabbing things I need "just in case".

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This outfit materialized out of one of those mornings. I love it though. These pants are my favorite alternative to jeans. I don't think I wear them enough. They are twill and oh so comfortable, even when its hot. I've noticed lately that I have been wearing a lot of loose fitting tops. I think they are actually quite flattering on me, which is a surprise and I'll tell you why. The pictures here make my chest (at least I think) look deceptively small. Truth is, I am well, endowed, quite generously I never thought I could get away with anything "baggy" or striped for that matter because it would accentuate. It seems to do just the opposite though. Hooray!

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floral and stripes (29)floral and stripes (20)

floral and stripes (49)

I was feeling silly tonight so when SSBF told me to see how high I could kick my leg I quickly obliged. Judging by that height I need to start hitting the gym again and get my flexibility back.

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week.

When you have the time head over to Beauty and the Budget. Valerie was kind enough to feature my outfit from Friday in a series she is doing about looking chic on a budget. Check out the post here.Valerie is adorable and a blogger after my own heart with her budget friendly outfits and beauty ideas! Thank you Valerie!

*Scarf, Old Navy $10
*Top, Old Navy, $8
*Pants, J.Crew $59
*Sandals, Steve Madden via piperlime
*Necklace, Martin & Osa
|post title: Alligator-Teegan & Sara|


  1. You're adorable! I love this.

  2. Super cute outfit!

  3. Love the stripes, I've been looking for some striped tops for a while, big beautiful stripes :) Thanks for the tip, I have the same issue with tops, glad I can stop being afraid to bag it up ;D

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