Sunday, May 30

Trend for Less: Oversize Tee

I'm as big a fan of the "boyfriend fit" trend as anyone. What I'm not a fan of is spending $20 on a single cotton t-shirt.

After seeing a picture of Rachel Blison over at Frugal Fashionista though I knew I had to have an oversize tee of my own. Old Grace would have run out and bought an oversize tee regardless of the price tag. Instead I raided SSBF's closet and snagged one of his white Hanes undershirt's, size medium. Annnd...

Look at that kitty! How cute is she!
Ahem.. I mean, SSBF's tee is a dead ringer for the ones in stores. Throw a blazer on top and it's perfection!

If you don't have the luxury of 24 hour access to a man's closest you needn't worry. Head on over to your closest Target or Walmart and pick up a 3-pack for less then $10!

Best of all this entire outfit cost me $31 total for the blazer and sandals.

Blazer, J.Crew Outlet
T-Shirt, SSBF via Hanes
Shorts, DIYed from an old Gap pair of jeans
Sandals, Old Navy


  1. I am with you on the Tshirt thing. I went out to Target just yesterday and bought a 3 pack of mens hanes white shirts.

  2. Ha ha, I get my tees from the Target sleepwear section or Old Navy.

    Where did you get those necklaces - they totally make the look. The blue one really pops.

  3. Love this look! I'm with ya sista - I've been known to do a little shopping in my husband's closet from time to time :)

    hope you enjoyed a wonderful, long weekend


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