Monday, June 21

Monday, Monday.





Ahhh.. another weekend. I swear these things go by far too fast. I can't really complain though when my biggest problem is feeling a little lost in my own sense of style. I seriously have not been this happy in a long time. SSBF and I had a relaxing weekend. We worked in our garden, went to see Jonah Hex (his choice) and then went to the bookstore.It's been a loooong while since I actually read a book. The decision came down to a classic; "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand or an all too common for me economics book called "Naked Economics" by Charles Wheelan. I went with the classic.

SSBF laughed at me when I threw this blazer on to go to the movie, mainly because it was 90 degrees outside. Jokes on him though because this blazer is gauzy and lightweight. I didn't feel any hotter outside and in the movie theater I actually remained a comfortable temperature. Why I really wore it though is because I loved how the striped patterns complemented one another. (Pardon the blurriness, my camera unlike me, hates stripes). I was also feeling slighty under dressed in my tank and shorts. I think that means I'm getting old.

I'm sure you noticed a slight change to the upper righthand corner of the blog. It's in anticipation of a post I have coming for you guys later this week. And let me tell you it is exciting! I really can't wait to share it with you all. But, you have to wait until then:)

Blazer, Banana Republic Outlet $20
Tank, Target $15
Shorts, Gap $19


  1. much more classy book selection than my Chelsea Bang Bang and Hello Vodka Its Me Chelsea ...

  2. Nice stripes, enjoy the read, I enjoy that book, there aren't too many out there *that* honest.

    Ripped Nylon

  3. Love the stripes, and it looks like I might love your weather much more than the unbelievable hot & sticky stuff we have going on here.


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