Thursday, June 10

"Shop It To Me"

A few years ago one of my really good friends, Nancy, who is extremely clever and savvy when it comes to getting the best price (seriously, check out her blog for great ideas on saving money on home decorating), introduced me to "Shop It To Me" and I have been using them ever since.

If you have never heard of "Shop It To Me" let me explain. They are a lovely little company that's main purpose is to bring sale information for your favorite brands from the best retailers right to you're inbox via "salemail".

How do they do that?

It's easy, when you sign up for a "salemail" you choose the brands you want to hear about. You can even choose how often they alert you. I choose once a week, on Thursday mornings so I can always know what sales will be going on for the weekend.

As you can see from above not only can you find the deals on your favorite brands for women, but also men, kids, and the fitness junkie!  

The best part is unlike sites like HauteLook and Gilt and others that give you insane discounts on desinger goods  through "flash sales" that are almost impossible to land for people with a job that can't get on the internet to shop at any give time. "Salemail" gives you deals that you can actually take advantage of.

Even if designer isn't you're thing I definitely recommend you check out "Shop It To Me" because they also have partnerships with retailers like J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Victoria's Secret that can alert you when those stores take markdowns.

"Shop It To Me" is still growing and always looking for new users to score deals for. Check out their website here to sign up for "salemail" and let "Shop It To Me" do your price hunting for you. While you are there check out their network of bloggers too. "Shop It To Me" does a great job of supporting the blogging community.

In short, sign-up and save!

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  1. i am so addicted to shopittome! i love my sale mail! :)


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