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SSBF's Second Attempt

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Top-J.Crew, Cardigan-NY&Co., Skirt-Target, Shoes-Aldo, Ring-Forever 21
You know what I love about this outfit? It’s simple, yet completely stylish. Guys like simple. There’s something to be said about a woman who can look good and be stylish without trying too hard. To be frank, it’s very attractive.

One thing I’ve noticed is a trend of over-accessorizing. I don’t mind ostentatious belts, or showy hats, or elaborate necklaces, or colorful scarves, etc., but when you combine so many of these things into one outfit, it makes the outfit feel too overdone and contrived. Not only that, but with an overabundance of accessories the focus is taken away from the actual outfit itself. Less is more; keep it simple.

And as a guy, that’s what we want. Looking good and looking fashionable, to us, is about creating a look that emphasizes who you are as a person, without all the cover-up.

So what do you think of Grace’s outfit? What do you think of the accessorizing of her outfit? Would you add more, or remove anything? And what are your thoughts on “keeping it simple”?  And Grace, did I do a better job of getting some "shoe shots" in?



  1. I kind of love that you have to be on your game, since you never know when these photos will happen :)
    I think Grace should still list where she got the pieces from, because I'm very curious about that ring (and the shoes).

  2. Lovely outfit, pretty photos :)))

  3. I just discovered this blog! Its so funny and great fashion. I'll admit I have my days when I certainly pile on the accessories but simple is also good. Love the shoe shots, I'm all over that when I get my beau to take the photos!

  4. Ohh love the shoes. I agree, simple is very nice. Sometimes I feel my best in some hot jeans and a black tee.

  5. Great shots! You really captured Grace's beauty, as well as the shoes :) And I love your comments about being simple but classy. I agree about the accessories. Most of the time less is more in my eyes.

  6. Simple and Sweet!


  7. I'm not too big on accessories myself. I honestly forget all about them. But that being said, I think a few very well placed items really complete an outfit.

    Grace looks beautiful here, no need for any extras. :)

  8. I think her outfit is perfcetion she looks gorgeous and I love that she has added the leopard print cardi it gives the outfit a perfect twist.

  9. The top is great as is so I really love that she didn't add a necklace to this outfit, the wrist accents are just right!


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