Wednesday, July 28

Baltimore Bloggers Unite


Blogger meet up

...Or just hung out, ate pizza, took pictures and shopped.
Over the weekend I met up with Megan from Tranmission Me and Alana from The Good Girl Gone Blog and Alana's sister Sophie the master photographer. I tend to be really shy when it comes to in person type stuff so it took a lot of internal convincing for me to actually show up but I am so glad I did. It was amazing to actually get a chance to meet these people face to face. It was also kind of weird to know so much about people that I met for the first time on Saturday. Although on the plus side it took away some of the typical awkward getting to know you stuff.

We had lunch in a part of Baltimore called Fell's Point and then naturally did some shopping. It was so hot out that we didn't venture very far but did hit some thrift stores and a dress boutique that were along the main drag of Broadway St. At the goodwill I fell in love with this dress.

boat dress

It has the most amazing nautical print complete with small birds and flags! However, there is one problem, it's an XL. haha. For $7 I didn't care what size it was, I needed it. I am trying to decided what to do with it though. It hits me just below the knees which is not too flattering but I am hesitant to cut it because I like the idea of wearing it as a long skirt. As of right now it is also kind of baggy up top, like outrageously baggy. I am toying with the idea of trying to take it in myself but I am not exactly a seamstress. I'm worried about ruining it completely. Anyone have any suggestions, advice, moral support?

On a side note I think its funny how we all went for a similar look that veered in totally different directions, that just happen to match our personalities so well.

Anyway, check these ladies out. I promise you won' be dissappointed.

photo credits to Alana and Megan


  1. I'd say you should take it in but if you're not confident with your sewing then perhaps it'd be best not to attempt something like that, or you could get someone to do it for you. It looks really good in the picture so it'd be a worthwhile investment :)


  2. I can't see the back of the dress, so I don't know if this is possible, but you could try pulling the straps together with a brooch to create a sort of racer back top, which would cut down on how baggy it is. Or you could just work with that volume, provided you cinch it enough at the waist and wear a shirt underneath.

    I would caution against trying to take it in yourself if you'd be super sad to lose it for a botched sewing job.

  3. You know how I feel about it. I don't think you ever learn anything until you get your hands dirty :) Thanks for the shout-out!! I loved meeting you! We need to hang out once more before I leave!!

  4. How awesome, I wish I could have a blogger meet-up, there's nothing to do where I live and a lot of the bloggers I keep up with are way far... definitely see what you can do with the dress as-is before altering it *dun dun dunnnn* forever!

    Ripped Nylon


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