Monday, July 26

Spending Diary: No Credit Card Week 2

Ok Ok , so I am a little behind on my posting. SSBF's impromptu post on Saturday night totally messed up my routine. Such is life. What did you guys think? I actually have a secret, I wore that outfit on Friday but by the time we got around to taking pictures the sun had set so I put it back on for him to photograph on Saturday. I am generally opposed to that sort of thing but sometimes you just have to go wear life takes you and catch up later.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty.  SSBF made mention to me this week that he wasn' sure what my point in this experiment was, i.e. why I was limiting myself to a set budget each week. So to clarify for him and anyone else who wasn't sure, I noticed that when using my credit cards to pay for everything I was spending money that I didn't necessarily have to spend. If I wanted a dress I bought the dress, if I wanted lunch from the cafe I bought lunch. There was no prioritization. I never evaluated my purchases and prioritized. By using cash this month I am hoping to teach myself to really start adhering to a budget and be able to make better decisions with limited resources.

So with no further ado, here was my week.

Sunday's are almost too easy for me. SSBF and I go to the grocery store in the AM, then play tennis, and finish with some cleaning around the house.
$0 spent.

I listed my textbook from my summer class on over the weekend and it sold already! woo! SSBF stopped at the post office for me to ship it out. Thank god for media mail because if I had to ship it any other way it would cost a fortune. $4.76. I had my first near breakdown today when I came across this dress at Modcloth. Generally only a few things catch my eye there and this one did in a major way. It even got to the point where I created my own loophole by using my check card. I couldn't justify spending more than a fourth of my budget for the month on the dress though.

No spending today. I did go mosey on over to Modcloth to check on my dress and noticed they sold out of smalls, making it impossible for me to order it. Whew. I dodged a bullet. However, if anyone has that dress in a small and doesn't want it I will take it off your hands!

No spending two days in a row! Wooo!

The weather here has been dreadfully hot lately but I still had my training session on the dock and noon. It was rough. I mean I had to sit down for like 5 minutes post workout just to make sure I didn't pass out in the shower. Even after my shower I continued to sweat for an hour (tmi?) so I walked over to the cafe for an iced tea $.53.

I was so excited for today because thanks to the beer fiasco last week at the game SSBF had offered to pay chick-fil-a tonight! Then midday I got a call from him, one of the guys he teaches with is also the manager of the Camden Club at Oriole Park, and he invited us to come down for a drink some dinner. We went of course, and yet again I had to pay $8.00 for parking. Despite getting our beer and food comped, and coveted window seat to boot, I was also responsible for tipping the server-$10.00. So my total ended up being $18.00.

The view from the Camden Club. Awesome.
I have been looking forward to this day all week. I got the chance to meet up with the lovely ladies behind Transmission Me and The Good Girl Gone Blog aka Megan and Alana respectively. We had lunch down in an area of Baltimore called Fells Point and did some thrift shopping. I won't go into all the details here but lunch was $6.63, parking another $6, a dress with an amazing sailboat print for & $7.16 at goodwill.

total spent this week: $44.08

A mere 92 cents under my goal of $45. Hooray! I'm shocked that I was able to stay under the $45 for the week even while still waiting repayment for the beer money. I have a feeling I may just need to write that off as a loss but we'll see. I am still over for the month as a whole by $14.29.

*If you are interested in having your spending diary featured here it's easy! Track your spending for 1 week and e-mail me at Come'on show us what you've got.


  1. Congrats, I know it wasn't easy!!!! I'm embarrassed about my spending after reading this. It will be hard to share, but I'll try :) $.53 for Iced Tea?? I need to work with you!!

    BTW, after looking at that Modcloth dress again, I actually think you can achieve the same type of look with that new dress (granted yours is darker but still). The straps are wider but can be cinched, and maybe after you cut off the bottom and cinch it with a belt you will love it even more that the Modcloth one! I'm proud of you for not purchasing it :)

  2. haha, don't be embarrassed. You have to remember I am leaving out things that aren't being paid for with cash like gas, and my bills. Really, my weekly spending is much higher on some weeks. This is just focusing on discretional spending.:)

    And I was thinking the same thing about the dress I bought. It has the same simple cut. The only thing is I am torn over whether to cut it or not. I love the idea of wearing it a long skirt (like I did with my dress the other night)

    decisions.. decisions..


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