Saturday, July 24

My (SSBF's) First Post on Fashion

(This post written by SSBF) 

How fun is this? I get the opportunity to publicly comment on my girlfriend’s outfit without any repercussions! For once I have a say, some control, and am no longer just the penny-pinching, behind-the-scenes, cameraman/boyfriend. I can give a male’s perspective on fashion, albeit a fairly uneducated one, but a male perspective nonetheless.

The best part of having control of Grace’s outfit shoots is getting to decide when to take pictures and of what outfit. Grace has been going crazy not knowing when she is going to be photographed, and it’s only been four days since she’s relinquished control to me. But that’s part of the fun. Any day, any outfit... it may be picture day!

Today was a picture day. Grace had this on, and I loved it:





Maxi Dress(as skirt) seen here-Gap, Belt-Express, Shirt-Old Navy
Notice the “skirt” Grace is wearing? If you look at the left side of the blog at Grace’s “Weardrobe” photo, you’ll notice that the dress she wore is the skirt in today’s photos. I like that creativity. If there’s one thing that Grace has taught me about fashion it’s that it’s not about the clothes you have, it’s about what you are able to do with them and how you wear them.

And speaking as a guy who is constantly on a budget (seriously, Grace is an expensive gal), I can appreciate taking one piece and using it in multiple, stylish outfits. There doesn’t have to a new outfit for every day of the week in order to stay fashionable. I’m sure all of you have a closet full of great clothes (that’s probably overwhelming your boyfriend’s side) - I challenge you to try something new, to take a risk, with something old, with something used. Create a “new-old” outfit the next time you’re in the mood to shop-till-you-drop. Save a few bucks and look good doing it.

So what do you think of my first post?  Do you like the outfit I chose to photograph Grace in? Are you going to try to get creative with your wardrobe, if you haven’t already? And is it weird having a guy write about girl fashion???  Yeah, I thought so. 

Until next outfit,


  1. so pretty! Love the skirt


  2. Well I must say I do like the outfit you chose as your first to photograph! I feel the whole maxi thing can either be a complete hit or miss. This is definitely a hit! I like that there's enough white to keep it summery, too, and the black doesn't bog it down at all.

    It intrigues me to know what guys think about what the females in their life are wearing, whether it be their wife, girlfriend, sister or friend. I think there is a misconception that all males want their significant others to dress sexy...perhaps you could shed some light on that?

    Oh, and I have been trying to figure out who you(Grace) remind me of. And today, looking at these photos, it struck me: Kristen Stewart.

  3. ^^ Totally see the Kristen Stewart thing.

    Also your gf looks great. Good choice for pictures! And I like hearing a guy's perspective on women's fashion! :)

  4. very cute. you must be close if she lets you criticize her outfit!! and im loving the Kristen Stewart look

    stop by sometime <3

  5. Alya~

    "Sexy" is such a subjective term. To me a lot of what Grace wears I consider sexy, even though someone else may not. If you're talking sexy like tight fitting cocktail dresses, cleavage, and long legs, then yes, I agree with you that there is a misconception.

    Guys who are committed to their gals are more interested in spending time together than wishing they looked a certain way. Of course we like it when you look good when we go out (hey, arm candy is nice), but that doesn't mean you have to dress so that every guy in the place notices you. I mean, who are you trying to impress? You've already landed the best fish in the sea (right?!?)!

    Like I said, sexy is subjective. For me, wjem Grace wears an old pair of jeans and a well-worn hoodie on a trip to the grocery store some fall Sunday morning, that is as sexy as it gets.

  6. Was sitting here looking at this with my bf and he was like can i write on your blog SSBF what have you unleashed haha.

  7. Great job on the post and the pictures SSBF!! And I loved your response to Alya's question. My question is... What specifically do you love about Grace's outfit? I mean, I agree she is gorgeous, but do you like the color of the clothes, the cut of the skirt, the way her eyes look with the dark shirt? It is those details that confuse me about what men think. Some outfits I expect my husband to love and he just kind of shrugs, and vice versa. Speaking of, he wants to play FF with you. He was worried that it may be too expensive and I told him not a chance. :)


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