Tuesday, June 29


Maxi Dress (31)

Maxi Dress (19)

Maxi Dress (32)

Maxi Dress (38)Maxi Dress (27)

Maxi Dress (45)

I have been searching what feels like everywhere for a striped maxi dress. I've exhausted myself looking at a billion different places online for just a simple striped dress. Then on Wednesday I went to the mall to order my aforementioned J.Crew bikini and mosied on into Gap which was right across the way and there it was. It was hanging so innocently in the store, as if it was just waiting for me to come along.  I've considered the possiblity that I have a shopping addicition since I knew immediately that I was not leaving the store without it. I'm not going worry until I start hiding bills in places like my freezer.

On another note SSBF went out to dinner this weekend to Olive Garden. It's one of SSBF's favorites and we used to go all the time in Michigan but not so much snce we moved to Maryland. I can honestly say I think it was the worst experience I've ever had at Olive Garden. When our name was called the hostess that was seating us didn't even say a word, she just started walking toward the dining area. We didn't know we were supposed to follow her until one of the other hostesses told us to. Then I didn't realize until we sat down that we weren't even given proper menus. I tried 3 times to get someone's attention but they kept walking right by. Finally, our waiter came to take our drink order and had to find us menus. When we did get a menu they were completely trashed, SSBF's was practically ripped in two. Not to mention the floors were filthy.

It was awful. Luckily the food was still delicious.  

ps. How cute is SSBF? I will never know why he doesn't let me take pictures of him!

Dress, Gap $49.50
Sandals, Target $9.99
Scarf, Old Navy $10


  1. what a cute maxi dress! love your blog...I myself am a shopaholic with a budget. Though most of us bloggers are. Love this post! Glad I found your page!

  2. What a cute outfit, the maxi dress looks great on you :)


  3. I absolutely love the dress! It's perfect on you!

  4. perfect dress! I love the stripes. Looks great with the scarf!

  5. Wow, I've never had that kind of experience @ Olive Garden, glad you at least enjoyed the food! Great dress, I have yet to find a maxi that's flattering :\

    Ripped Nylon

  6. Ohhhhh, that dress is GORGEOUS on you! That scarf is absolutely perfect with it. Love your hair, too. I'm completely envious of your ability to wear bangs so well :)
    P.S., thanks so much for the offer of assistance regarding DC info. I do appreciate your kindness.


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