Thursday, July 1

Quit Playing Games...

I shared this bathing suit with you last week as part of my "ready for fall" post. What I didn't share with you is the fact that I have been totally enamoured with it since the J.Crew catalogue arrived in the mail last Monday. That night I was on with both the top and bottom in my "shopping cart" ready for checkout. I know, a total impulse buy. After realizing what I was doing I pulled back. I knew I wanted this bathing suit but at a total of $112 after shipping and tax I was thinking twice.

I know you are thinking that $112 is a ridiculous amount of money for a bathing suit. Honestly, I've never in my life spent more then $30 on swimwear for two reasons. First, it's impractical. I spend very little time at the beach or a pool. I couldn't justify spending a lot of money for a couple wears a year. The second reason is more psychological. I am very self conscious of my body. When I was in high school I easily weighed 30 pounds more then I do today and as a high school athlete I was constantly reminded of my weight. All through college I worked really hard to lose the weight but I never really appreciated my accomplishment. Instead I felt insecure and afraid I would gain it back. Needless to say bathing suit shopping (along with underwear) has always been on the bottom of my list. Recently though I have been feeling more confident with my body (thanks to my group personal training classes) and am looking forward to showing it off by the time our vacation rolls around. Which is what is justifying my purchase. It's a preemptive reward to 12 hard weeks of training.

  Even with all my justification though I was not interested in pay $20 extra in taxes and shipping. I decided to wait until Wednesday and stop at the store on my way home from work, that way I could get my student discount and free shipping from the catalogue. When I got there though I learned that they were sold out of my size. With J.Crew this happens only always. Way back around Christmas is happened when SSBF was trying to buy me the Jaspe as a gift. It happened again with the winter coat I wanted. I think J.Crew does it to whip people into a frenzy of wanting their most fabulous items. It works. I was so bummed. Given my past experience though I knew how to play their game. I checked daily to see if it was back in stock and just as I suspected Saturday morning there she was. I was not taking any chances. I paid more for it then I wanted to but now that its arrived and I've tried it on, it was well worth it. I can not wait to rock this baby at the beach.


  1. Yay for body confidence! I'm always so sad when I hear girls not comfortable showing off their two pieces. None of us are perfect and nobody is criticizing you as much as you are I'm glad to see you're looking forward to wearing it out!

  2. DEFINITELY a great reward for all of your hard work!

    I am really self-conscious about my body as well and it doesn't look great in just any swimsuit so I am definitely willing to pay $100+ for something that's out-of-this-world-amazing and hides my imperfections!

  3. Your blog is my new favorite! Im in love! Thanks for sharing all of your amazing fashion advice/tips. I love reading what you write! :) Have a great 1st of July! x


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