Friday, July 2

True Story

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So that makes four... four outfit posts in a row that involved stripes. That has got to be some kind of record! I promise I wasn't even doing it on purpose, it just kind of happened.

A couple weeks ago my cube mate at work wore a great dress that reminded me of this bolero I have had in my closet for years. I think this is only the second time I've worn it since I moved to Maryland. Which is just crazy. My problem is I put too much thought into styling it which ultimately took the fun out of it. Today I threw caution to the wind and used it to dress up my cotton tee and cut off shorts. Speaking of my cotton tee I love this trapeze tank. I bought it from Martin & Osa at 50% off. Up until the minute I bought it I thought it was a red striped shirt and then I realized the color said orchid purple! Either way, this is the closest thing I have to red and probably one of my favorite articles of clothing right now.

Random true story: four years ago around this time is when SSBF and I started "seeing" each other. It sounds so silly. We were both so hesitant to put a label on anything we had it took us until August 22nd to become "official". I love him though, pardon the mush, but I've loved him since the moment I saw him.

What's on the agenda for you all this weekend? SSBF and I will most likely be laying low. He has a summer gig at charter school that starts on Tuesday so he has a lot of planning to do. I (unfortunately) will have some school stuff to finish also. Only two more weeks until its over... until September. Hooray!

Have a happy holiday weekend!

Bolero, Express $15
Tank, Martin & Osa $12
Shorts, DIYed from Gap Jeans
Wedges, ALDO

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  1. Great mix here. Oh, and I love your hair. :)


  2. What a lovely blog!

    If you get the time, I'd be very happy if you checked out my blog - I think you will really like it :))
    I hope you have a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear from you! :))

  3. Hi! I just got your sweet comment on my blog and came over to check yours hour later, and I'm just getting around to commenting because I've been reading all your great content!

    I totally feel your pain about the credit card debt - I finally paid mine off last summer, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. You can do it!

    Also, I've been thinking about expanding my blog recently, and I'd really like to do a fashion/lifestyle twist, so your blog will definitely be a source of inspiration. Again, I love it and I can't wait to read more!

  4. Love the striped tee and the shoes!


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