Thursday, August 12

Between Storms





Dress-Coastal Karma OBX, Scarf-Urban Outfitters, Sandals-Old Navy, Bangles-F21, Initial Pendant-Delicate Raymond
Thunderstorms tend to be a pretty common occurrence down here, especially as it gets to the end of the week. By then I've usually punished my skin enough to need a break from the sun. Don't get me wrong I slather on the sunscreen, it's just my unwillingness to leave the beach/pool that gets me in trouble. It's hard to tell in these pictures but my shoulders and chest are actually pretty red! I really wanted to get some genuine outfit shots in while I was here so SSBF and I  ran down to the beach after the first storm had moved offshore a little. There is something eerily awesome about a storm at the beach, especially when you can still see the lightening as it moves over the ocean. It was so windy though I thought my dress was going to blow up scandalously while SSBF was snapping the photos.

I've been feeling like I am in a clothing rut lately. I tend to buy a lot of very similar items so when I look in my closet I see button down, button down, t-shirt, t-shirt, jeans, t-shirt, jeans. I decided to do something about it. I set up a few ground rules for when I start shopping for fall. First, no jeans. I have so many already in all kinds of cuts so what I really need are any non-denim bottoms. I am thinking lots of skirts and fall dresses. Second, no basic t's. I have an obsession with basic t-shirts which is fine, but I am limiting my purchase of 100% cotton to ones with interesting details (Like the Dolman Sleeved one from Gap).

Given my rules this dress was an ideal purchase. I actually bought it here on Monday night. Shopping in the Outer Banks is generally limited to surf or souvenir shops so you can imagine my surprise to have stumbled on a cute little boutique called Coastal Karma tucked away in one of the outdoor shopping centers. Their selection was very reminiscent of a Modcloth or Spotted Moth type store. I wanted to leave with everything but somehow narrowed it down to this dress and a skirt with a little help from SSBF.

Hope you are all having a good week. While I am sure you are begging for the weekend I'm trying to extend this week as long as possible cause come Saturday we are driving home.

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  1. Love this outfit, you look great. The scarf is a great addition!



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