Sunday, August 15

Vacation Round-Up

OBX 8.13 (32)

OBX 8.13 (17) OBX 8.13 (23)

OBX 8.13 (8)
Skirt-Goodwill, Tank-Urban Outfitters, Button-down-J.crew Outlet

Well, as quickly as it came, my vacation went and now it is back to normalcy. It's always nice to get back to normal but at the same time I would not mind living in the Outer Banks always. I'm pretty sure I would never tire of waking up, having some coffee, and heading down to the beach.

I wanted to deal with the pain of it being over in one fell swoop so I decided to combine an outfit post with a summary of our spending for the entire week.

First of all recognize the skirt? It's the dress I bought at Goodwill the day of the blogger meet-up. This is actually the second time I wore it. The first time was kind of a production and by the time dinner was over it was too dark for pictures (bad blogger). The first time I had thrown a quick and dirty hem in it so the dress hit me above the knee and pinned the crap out of the sides. This time I opted to wear it as a skirt (obvi). I loved it except now I am noticing in the first picture I only have one leg because of how I was standing. Ha! I still have both legs. I swear. Anyway, what do you think?

Second, the really painful part, how much we spent.

We started with $893 reserved for vacation spending.
Gas: $100
Segway Tour: $250 ($230 + $20 tip)
Food/Groceries: $162
Shopping: $128

A vacation total of: $640

We came in under our budget by $253 dollars which makes SSBF very happy.
 And just for fun here are some more pictures that didn't make it in any of the posts.

SSBF in the waves ( I kind of love this one)

my nephew and I in the roughest water all week

the stray cat SSBF and I lovingly dubbed "trash bag"


  1. That skirt is a great find! I can't believe its from Goodwill! Also, pretty great price for a vacation. Segway tours are also very fun :) I did one in New Orleans!

  2. Ah, I love vacations. This looks so much fun, I love the one of you in the water - looks so fun wtih all the waves. Eeep. I want to go on another vacation already and I JUST got back! haha. You look beautiful :) Hope you had a great weekend! x

  3. I love the flannel shirt tied at the waist!!

  4. Great outfit - and this trip looks like it was so much fun!

    And so happy to hear you like the ring - sometimes I think mine are surgically attached to my finger. :)

  5. Oh how fun! It just looks like how summer is supposed to be. Lovely pictures, too.

  6. Looks like you had a pretty relaxing time, great job coming in below budget! The skirt works well, I'm glad you found a good use for it, the pattern is too nice to waste.


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