Monday, August 23

A Love Story.

Modcloth Dress on Money Smart Fashion (9)
Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a Princess Blogger. The Princess blogger lived in cozy little townhouse with Prince SSBF and their three little kitties. The Princess Blogger loved her Prince so much but there was tension in the home because Prince SSBF thought the Princess spent too much money on clothes.
One day while the Princess was shopping and buying everything in sight an evil, wicked even, witch came and cast a spell on the Princess Blogger's credit cards rendering them useless for 30 days! The Princess Blogger was crushed. She had never gone a day without her credit cards since her 18th birthday and would now have to go 30!  
Later that same week something even worse happened, the Princess Blogger found the love dress of her life but she had no means to buy it. She told Prince SSBF about the dress but he only nodded his head with slight interest and continued his fantasy football research, his life's work. The Princess Blogger was heartbroken. She knew that the website only had limited quantities and a dress so grand would sell out in mere days.
After an entire week of pining the Princess Blogger gave up hope.
"There will be other dresses to love" SSBF said. But the Princess Blogger knew in her heart that was "the one". In an attempt to console her Prince SSBF took the Princess on a wonderful vacation and when they returned the Princess was feeling a little better. Upon their arrival home there was a gift, beautifully wrapped, waiting on their dresser.
The Princess Blogger's eyes widened and the Prince smiled with amusement. She went over to the dresser and inspected the gift. On it was a note that read:
"Do not open until your 26th Birthday."
"But that is still three weeks away!" the Princess Blogger exclaimed.
Prince SSBF responded "You won't have any presents to open then if you open this now".
"I know, I prefer early Birthday presents anyway" replied the Princess Blogger.
Prince SSBF resigned to the Princess and said she could open it only if she read the card first.

SSBF card

The Princess then tore through the delicate wrapping to reveal the most wonderful early birthday present she could ever imagine, the one and only dress she ever longed for. Over dinner SSBF recanted the tale of how he battled dragons, and defeated troll mind games just to get the Princess her dress.
Prince SSBF, Princess Blogger, and her dress lived happily ever after!

Modcloth Dress on Money Smart Fashion (16)

Modcloth Dress on Money Smart Fashion (24)

Modcloth Dress on Money Smart Fashion (32)

Modcloth Dress on Money Smart Fashion (26)

Modcloth Dress on Money Smart Fashion (14)
 "A Bird in the Hand Dress" -Modcloth, Sweater-Gap Outlet, Sandals-Old Navy

Hehehe. Our 4 year anniversary, or "yeariversary" as we call it,  was on Sunday and I could not resist a fairy tale. Maybe that's not exactly how it happened, but it makes a good story.

P.S.This dress is kind of scandalous in the front, but I love it so much I will take the risk of flashing some bystander my undies for it. (Sorry SSBF)


  1. Hey I'm new to your blog, and just want you to know I love it! Plus I've been on the fence for a while about bangs for fall, think I'll get 'em!

  2. Love the dress and love the story! SSBF did well!


  3. So glad I came across your blog!! It's really great!

    Now following!

  4. cute story! love the dress!!

    -Kat :)

  5. love your outfit!!! very cute dress! first time at your blog!!!

  6. Just found your blog and you are so damn adorable! Absolutely in love with your modcloth dress! I am now a new follower, follow me? :)
    xo Lynzy

  7. I love your dress, you have such an amazing style!

  8. just came across you on chictopia and thought id pop over and say hi on your blog :) x

  9. That is the cutest story ever, and the dress is pretty amazing too. I love the print, even if the cut is slightly scandalous. So glad we found each other's blogs. :)

  10. This story is just perfect! haha Don't you just love thoughtful boys :)

    p.s and i totally agree, the dress is genius.

  11. That dress is too adorable!! I love white patterned dresses for summer. So cute!! You look great. <3

    xx Laura


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