Wednesday, August 25

Can't Compete

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Elephant Ring on Money Smart Fashion
Button-down-J.Crew Outlet, Top-Old Navy, Jeans & Necklace-Martin&Osa, Ring-Coastal Karma

Holy crap you guys! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my last outfit post! I think I will be smiling for days. But now I've gone and set the bar reallly high. I don't know if I can evoke that kind of reaction again, unless of course I wear that dress everyday for the rest of my blogging life. I've considered it. I'm sure it will just get old though, and at some point extremely inappropriate. Oh well.  

 Last week I mentioned my abhorrent laziness. Well I have another confession, I love just about anything that has to do with animals. I love wearing them and I especially love decorating with them. My home is littered with kitties (in the form of actual live cats, photographs/wall art and figurines) and after this weekend little ceramic birds as well. Now, don't go and call "Hoarding: Buried Alive" on me, it's not that serious. But in 20 years it might be something to consider...

 Anyway, I obviously can't afford one of those darling Cat Print Mui Mui dresses so I scaled back the trend a little and settled for this adorable little elephant ring. SSBF and I found him in a little shop in the Outer Banks and I am calling him Trashbag in remembrance of the dumpster (read:stray) cat we met while we were down there.

Also welcome to all of those that found me through Tieka's blog. (She was sweet enough to feature SSBF in her August "Guy Behind the Camera" post. Thanks Tieka!)


  1. LOOOOVE that ring and blog in general :)
    i'm a big spender too and have to keep it in check sometimes!!! you are definitely inspiration!

  2. That ring is so adorable!

    You look really great in purple.

  3. love those shoes ma'am - are they sequined? I'm obsessed with all things sequins right now!


  4. Yay! I saw you on Tieka's blog - so awesome, lady!

  5. i love this outfit, it is completely my style! i am a new follower and am really enjoying your blog :)

  6. Such a fun outfit, love the ruffles on the tank!


  7. I LOVE, LOVE your elephant ring. I actually collect elephants :)

  8. love this outfit! You have great style!


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