Thursday, August 26

Haaaave You Met Ted?

I've been dying to use that in whatever possible. Now I can die happy.
(It's from "How I Met Your Mother")
The real question is, have you met Puckett?
Aldo Puckett

I was doing so well at avoiding impule buys until I met Puckett.
I was stalking the boots on my sidebar at ALDO when I came across these in the clearance section.
10 minutes later, I was the owner of both the pumps and boots. Don't judge me! We all have our weaknesses.

On another note, somehow I ended up on the main page of wikifashion! Haha. Still not really sure how. If you've never heard of it, wikifashion is a forum for all things fashion related. It's wikipedia, for fashion!

wikifashion aug 2010
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Be nice though, I don't want to have to hunt you down!


  1. Haha I freaking love NPH. He makes my life.
    Both new pairs of shoes you picked up are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you pair those sparklers with!

  2. hahaha it's funny how much you remind me of myself. i will go into a store to "browse" and walk out with two bags. don't worry, no judgement from me :)

    p.s. super cute shoes!

  3. Yay! I love seeing bloggers I follow on the front page of something. It's awesome :)
    And I love a good sequined shoe.

  4. I love that show! and those shoes of course!


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