Friday, August 27

Fuzzy on the Details

Leopard Print on Money Smart Fashion (6)

Leopard Print on Money Smart Fashion (19)

Leopard Print on Money Smart Fashion (16)

Leopard Print on Money Smart Fashion (2)
Sweater-Gap Outlet, Tank-J.Crew, Jean Leggings-Gap, Shoes-Target

Tuesday was the night of our fantasy draft and since coaxing SSBF out of the house prior to the draft was out of the question we decided to expand SSBF's photography skills to include indoor portraits. I also promised him that he only had to take 15 so he could get back to his draft prep. A challenge indeed! At first glance I wasn't sure if any of these would work for the blog. They were a little blurred, and you couldn't really see the detail on my tank. Then, after looking at them a few times I realized that I never said I was a professional! Hehe. Just kidding. What I actually realized is that its not always about the details. While things can be individually beautiful, it's how they come together that counts.

I love the long and lean silhouette that is created by my "jean leggings" and a long open cardigan belted around the natural waist. The leopard print shoes just seem like the natural choice to spice up the otherwise clean palette.

Another reason for this post, Jealousy. I've been suuper jealous of all the girls breaking out their fall essentials a little early that at the first hint of cooler temperatures I busted out a good fall outfit.

And, now for a weekend at the beach! Yay!
Have a good weekend!


  1. As much as I looooove Fall, I guess I'm one of those girls trying to break out the Fall stuff early : ) Great outfit and I love the hint of animal print. Am currently searching for my animal print fix! Ha, I'm off to the beach too (gotta get it in before Fall) : (

  2. I can't wait to bring out some fall clothes too! And this really is a great photo shoot - I think the blurriness adds a great touch :)

  3. Love the coolness Quotient!!


  4. Love the animal print shoes, I busted mine out yesterday if you wanna take a look!

  5. Wait, cooler temperatures? Where are those?!

    I love the leopard heels with this outfit!

  6. LOVE. Absolutely love it. It's so chic and perfect for this transitional period.

  7. I love those Gap jean leggings; I'm definitely contemplating investing in a pair!


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