Monday, August 2

Spending Diary: No Credit Cards Week 3

Almost there! Which is definitely a good thing because my cash is quickly dwindling, I think SSBF has spent more of it then I have recently. Anyway, time is going to be a luxury this week so in the effort to save some I am going to make this quick.

Typical Sunday. A stop at the craft store ending up being part of our errands this week. I picked up a seam ripper and some other sewing supplies in the event I try to tackle my goodwill dress. $9.60.

No spending, not even a little bit, for 3 whole days.

Aha, after finally getting my money back from SSBF I turned around and gave it right back to him to by some tequila and triple sec for this weekend. We are having guests, which made it a great opportunity for some Margaritas. $20.00.

We picked up our guests at the airport last night and thanks to unexpected traffic by the time we got settled and to bed last night it was way past my bedtime. I was a little lazy this morning getting ready which means lunch in the cafe today. $4.51.

We took our guests down to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore to see the sights. I love going down there because there is an Urban Outfitters, a place I never get to shop, and refuse to order online from because their sizing is never consistent. I was on a time limit and only (luckily) ended up leaving with a scarf-$10.59 (with tax). I also paid for parking. $4.00.

Total Spent: $48.62

$3.62 over my self-imposed weekly spending limit. I have definitely noticed a change in how I think about my spending. I find myself asking the question "do I need this?" followed up by "why?" much more often then I used to. I have 1 week left of cash spending (and until my vacation, woo!). I am pretty confident I can make it throw this week without totally blowing it, but then again you never know.

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