Tuesday, August 3

Antique Safari

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Shirt-Old Navy, Shorts-J.Crew, Hat-Eugenia Kim for Target seen here, Shoes-Old Navy, Bag-Urban Outfitters


So as I had mentioned before SSBF and I had some guests in town this weekend. They are SSBF's best friends from college. It was so nice to see them all again since we haven't since Christmas. We had so much fun showing them around Baltimore.

On Friday we had gone for drinks at a bar in Federal Hill. The bar is called Don't Know? and it is one of my favorite because it is the only one I know of around here that has bar shuffle board. It's the 20 (mid to late) somethings beer pong.  Then we went to a crab place in Glen Burnie. They have fresh crab brought in daily and it is delicious.Pulling apart crabs is slightly barbaric but they are quite delicious. On Saturday we took a stroll around the harbor and then headed to DC for a Phillies game.

These pictures were taken on Sunday. We took them to one of our favorite spots, Old Ellicott City. It's a cute little historic district about 10 minutes away from us filled with antique shops and restaurants. We started the day with brunch at the Diamondback Tavern. We've never been before but plan on returning soon. The food was delicious, and $2 mimosa's never hurt anyone.

SSBF rolled his eyes in disgust when he saw that I chose to wear my fedora again. I don't understand what he has against it. I think he needs to write a blog post for me about why boy's hate hat's on girls, or at least why he hates this hat so much. After the eye rolling and disgusted sighs he did happen to mention that I looked like I was going on a safari. I'm still not sure how I feel about that statement. I've never been one to dress with a theme in mind so I was afraid I looked too costume-y, but at the same time usually my clothes are such a mismash that it was nice to have underlying tone to the outfit.
I felt like an archaeologist or something, exploring floors upon floors of antique stores digging through stuff that has probably been long forgotten.

Our friends left on Monday morning but our house was not empty long, one of my friends from college is here is stay for awhile as she looks for a job. I think maybe we should change our house to a bed and breakfast, Grace& SSBF's B&B.
Make your reservations now.


  1. Love this! You look great! I love anything and everything safari-related.

  2. Great outfit and that breakfast looks YUM. I can't wait till I am back in the states in a few weeks and stuffing my face at a cute brunch place!


  3. You should totally turn it into a B&B, think of all the extra clothing money you could bring in!

    I love the pop of color with the blue in the fedora. I think it looks adorable on you!

    And yes - $2 mimosas never hurt anyone!


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