Monday, July 19

O's game

O's game (24)

O's game (2)

O's game (11)

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O's game (23)

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O's game (37)

O's game (31)
embellished tank & scarf-J.Crew, cutoffs-diyed also seen here, button-down-f21 also seen here, hat-Eugenia Kim for Target, shoes-Old Navy

Ahh baseball. SSBF and I are huge baseball fans. We are those people that want to visit all the baseball stadiums before we die. He is a Detroit Tiger's fan and I of course am an obnoxious Phillies fan. Living in Baltimore we've adopted the Orioles as our own. Well, SSBF actually started as an Orioles fan. We have plenty of paraphernalia to prove it (including a video from 1989 titled "Worst to Almost First"). I mainly feel sorry for the Orioles and like to cheer for them because hardly anyone else does. When the Yankee's and Red Sox are in town their fans generally out number the hometown crowd. It drives me crazy. I also love this stadium. I think just ascetically it's one of the best. It has such unique features like the warehouse that runs the length of it (background) and center field opening to the skyline. SSBF reminds me all the time how most modern parks in the last 15 years have been designed based off of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

So I told you guys yesterday I picked this hat up at Target. What I left out is that SSBF didn't want me to get it. He said he didn't like it and he didn't like "hats on girls". Silly boys (almost) never understand fashion. I ignored him of course. I love this hat. It was the perfect accessory and paired with this linen scarf, jewelry was basically unnecessary. It attracted a lot of attention though. Like an obscene amount. I guess I'm not surprised. Baltimore is hardly a fashion capital. I'm going to have to get used it, I can feel myself living in this hat for the remainder of the summer. Truth be told, I've wore it eveytime I left the house Saturday and Sunday, including a trip to the grocery store. Hehe.

A baseball game coupled with no homework to do (and a speedy sale of my textbook on
I'd say it was a pretty good weekend.


  1. You look so adorable! Love the layering and that hat.

  2. As you probably know, I am a fellow obnoxious Phillies fan. But sadly have only ever been in two stadiums: The Vet before it was demolished and Citizen's Bank Park, obviously. I'll get to see Yankee Stadium in September, though for a concert and not a game...liking the Yankees is blasphemy unless you're from the area.

    Good to see another girl who is as interested in the sport! And the Oriole's field does look really nice, so open!

  3. Only you could look this fashionable at an Orioles game. And knowing their crowds, I can truly imagine how much attention you attracted.

  4. I love how you mixed in this little pop of blue--it really makes the outfit!

  5. You guys are too cute!! Totally in love with the fedora!! I love the excitement of the games but I feel sorry for the O's too. Especially when my husband wears his Red Sox hat and always roots for the other team. Baltimore is no fashion mecca, I agree, which makes the blogger world all the more awesome. That being said, I'm so super excited to meet you tomorrow!!!

  6. sounds like a great weekend, and yes, get used to it, my hometown isn't much for fashion either :\

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