Monday, August 30

Winding Down

Ocean City Weekend (31)

Ocean City Weekend (25)

Ocean City Weekend (22)

Ocean City Weekend (32)
button down shirt-Forever 21, t-shirt-Target, shorts-gap, diyed, shoes-Old Navy

That last picture cracks me up every time I see it. I don't even remember what I was saying, but based on my face I'm sure it was sassy.

Anyway, this weekend we spent some time in Ocean City with SSBF's family. Ocean City is not exactly my beach of choice because it is crowded with rude Marylanders, not the cleanest, and at 2.5 hours away, a pain in the butt to drive to for just a day or so. But it was a beach, and it was free, and therefore totally worth it. 
 I think if I had to chose between unbridled access to J.Crew with no beach trips ever or life on the beach without J.Crew I would totally pick the latter. I've always had a good, casual, beachy look, might as well put it to some use. Long story short: I love the beach. haha.

It's all downhill from here though, the unofficial end of summer and my 26th birthday are less than a week away with my graduate classes in full swing soon after. Ugh. I'm trying to stay positive though. To keep me distracted I've been desperately searching for some good fall skirts. I've recently developed this compulsion for skirts.  Strange, I know. What's worse is that I also have no desire to spend money. I'm in complete conflict right now. Case in point- we went to the Rehoboth Outlet mall this weekend and I didn't spend a dime. Have any of you every felt like that? You want something, but you don't to spend money on it? I'm not used to this feeling.


  1. I am in a skirt craze myself and am trying (unsuccessfully of course) to NOT SPEND MONEY!!! Really I do need to stop and repad the bank account. But I just got in serious trouble over the weekend with my own skirt fetish...found the cutest one by Whit (in Sept. issue of Lucky) and I had to have it! I too am in mourning for the fast dying Summer. Oh how I'll miss it! Love the kitties in the shot. Mine are always trying to pose for the camera as well.

  2. I am loving your multi layered necklace look! Don't fotget to enter my Closet Clean-Out Giveaway!

  3. OMG, I love love love this outfit! It's giving me major inspiration! XOXO, Natalya

  4. I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog this afternoon! Between the fashion and your super savvy ways of saving money, I'm pretty sure your blog will be my new favorite read! kudos :)

  5. I myself find myself going through the same craze that you are going through myself now that summer is winding down. I guess for my body to make the change I am starving to find a few nice skirts to wear as I enjoy the cooler weather. What sucks though is there is not enough fall weather in Texas before it just instantly changes into winter so I will have to take advantage of the 80 degree weather when I can.

  6. Loving the Chambray shirt with jean shorts and green top, a bit military! Nice work

  7. doing that right now. I want *so much* but I don't want to spend the money... I'm aiming to move out of my house by early next year, the long path towards independence starts here...

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