Sunday, September 26

Dirty Laundry

Lazy Sunday on Money Smart Fashion (17)

Lazy Sunday on Money Smart Fashion (2)

Lazy Sunday on Money Smart Fashion (5)
Hoodie-Gap, Leggings Target, Tank-Urban Outfitters

This is what Sunday looks like.

 I didn't think it was fair for me to masquerade around this blog as someone who is always put together, because I'm not. I wear sweatshirts on plenty of occasions, and I don't usually go to the grocery story in "blog-worthy" apparel (Please don't call "What Not to Wear" on me). SSBF and I spend our Sunday's holed up in the house doing homework (me) and watching football (him).
My outfits on these days often resemble the above.

As of recently (since Friday) this hoodie has been my go-to lounge piece. It's from Gap's new active wear line GapBodyFit. I'm slightly obsessed. What's great about a hoodie like this is that it can be worn to and from the gym or over a pair of jeans to run errands. I live for pieces like this. I'm so excited about the evolution of "gym" clothes that has been taking place to allow fashion and fitness to coexist.

While we're on the topic of dirty laundry I thought I should share, I haven't washed my hair in 5 days. Gross or Chic? discuss.


  1. have you ever tried using a dry shampoo? i haven't, but i hate the process of doing my hair after i wash i am wanting to try it out.

  2. I use TRESemme dry shampoo on the third day of not washing my hair and then I wash it the next day. It's great for volume and picking up some extra oils.

  3. My hair gets very oily, but I hate washing it everyday (more of a lazy factor if anything). I use Fekkai dry shampoo and it works like a charm! I get away with washing my hair every other day this way ( I wish more!)

    (The Pretty Pauper)
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  4. Another option to using dry shampoo is baby powder (my saving grace). Truthfully, I only wash my hair about twice a week. The powder & hairspray keep my hair looking decent!

  5. This sounds gross, but I've built my hair up to where I only wash it ONCE a week. And I have very fine hair, too. It sounds gross, but my hair has never looked better and felt healthier. And I'm totally with you on the whole him watching football and me doing work/homework thing. That sums up every weekend for me in the fall. Who takes your pictures for you? You look great in front of the camera, even in unwashed hair and sweats! ;)

  6. I think not washing your hair for five days and still looking good is totally chic. If I could get away with that, I would thank the heavens. My hair HAS to be washed everyday and if I am going out at night - I wash it again to look fresh. Aye yi yi.

  7. I solved the problem by cutting all my hair off lol! But seriously styling dirty hair is easier- says all my hair stylist friends;)


  8. Looks chic in these pics, but maybe does feel gross in person? Hahaha. I think you look adorable.

  9. girl, if I could get away without washing my hair for 5 days and look decent enough to leave the house, I would soooo do it! But, my hair is so fine that it would never work.

    Like all the comment before me, I use dry shampoo also (or baby powder, works too). It gives me at least one day off from the normal morning routine :)
    The Flip Side of Oz
    PS - I didn't want to leave a comment on your blog giveaway post because I didn't want to leave an entry for you have to take out... but I found Poppy on my blog too! haha too funny:)


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