Monday, September 6

Risk Taker

Denim Jacket on Money Smart Fashion (22)

Denim Jacket on Money Smart Fashion (34)

Denim Jacket on Money Smart Fashion (35)

Denim Jacket on Money Smart Fashion (40)

Denim Jacket on Money Smart Fashion (27)
jacket-Gap circa 03, dress-Old Navy, sandals-Old Navy, ring c/o Janeys Jewels

For my 26th birthday I decided to live on the wild side: I let SSBF pick out my outfit. Ok, well-- he picked out the dress, I picked out the jacket, the sandals were basically a given since they seem to be super glued to my feet as of late (I love them), and the ring is my new favorite accessory. Janey, from Janey's Jewels was nice enough to custom make this ring for me and it is amazing. The "rose petal" cut makes it glimmer in the light. I couldn't stop admiring it all day. Other things I love include shopping, food, and slots. Some how, SSBF managed to squeeze all three of them into one day of birthday goodness. God I love him.

The day started with a lovely french toast breakfast, lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, and dinner at our new favorite restaurant: The Diamondback Tavern.

In between french toast and pizza SSBF took me shopping at what is now my new favorite shopping destination. I went there mainly to pick up some new workout gear at the Under Armour store but picked up a few other goodies along the way. (Without so much as a disdainful peep from SSBF) I also (finally) got to check out a Zara, and to be honest, I wasn't that impressed (I realize I may have just committed blogger suicide by saying that). It reminded me of a more expensive H&M. SSBF did find some shoes he liked, which is an amazing feat because he is picky.

Then between lunch and dinner we drove out to the casino in Charles Town, WV. The last time I was there it was only slots, but now they have table games galore. I freaking love casino's. Maybe because I am a sucker that falls for the "maybe I'll hit big" allure, whatever it is, it's fun. SSBF had all the luck, he walked away with $100!

Mother Nature was even cooperating by bestowing on us 70 degree temperatures after it was 90 degrees the entire week before. Despite what appears to be a grimace in the first picture it was a great day. The rest of 26 has a lot to live up to.

ps. yes, I am wearing silly bands.
In response to that, it's my birthday, I'll do what I want :)


  1. hmmm...will have to dig up my old jeans jackets for this fall...forgot how easy it is to throw it over a dress in this cool weather!

  2. great outfit, missy! love it! And, happy birthday!

    The Flip Side of Oz

  3. I love your messy hair and skirt!! You are too cute!


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