Sunday, September 5

Everyone Has Goals



Yesterday I turned 26. I'm not going to lie, it's a little strange being closer to 30 than 21. But instead of dwelling on the fact that I'm another year older I thought instead I would share with you all some of the goals I hope to accomplish in the next year, both financial and other.

1. Read 6 books.
This may seem silly but between working full time, school, and the blog I don't feel like I read as much as I used to, or ever.

2. Take a vacation with SSBF.
Next summer will be the first year in three that SSBF won't have the option of freeloading off my parents for a vacation, but I would still like some time to travel. We are thinking somewhere out west. We're open to suggestions.

3. Be consumer debt free.
Well, kind of. I will still have my car loan but I am hoping once I pay off my credit card to put together an aggressive plan to pay that off also.

4. Get a raise and/or promotion.
It's hard to say what will happen in a year. Since I changed job recently I have to wait until at least May until I apply for any promotions, but my review should come before then so fingers crossed.

5. Get Engaged
Take on more financial responsibility around the house.
SSBF is not keen on the idea of having a monthly payment for an wedding or a ring so I know the only way I can make something happen is to take on more of the financial responsibility around the house. This pretty vague right now but I am working on a plan to make sure that happens, I will share later.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Best of luck on the list of goals, I'm sure you will make it happen, I totally feel you on the reading goal, I've recently started heading back to books, this digital life gets taxing!


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