Thursday, September 2

Less is More, Except when it's Less.

BCBG dress on Money Smart Fashion (10)

BCBG dress on Money Smart Fashion (3)

BCBG dress on Money Smart Fashion (13)

BCBG dress on Money Smart Fashion (17)
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There was a battle last night and I am proud to say that I emerged victorious against my own inherent desire to constantly layer. Maybe that is a touch dramatic but it does feel like a war sometimes. It's so ingrained in my fashion mentality to layer, layer, layer, that it's a hard habit to break, even when necessary. I tried on at least 5 different options of cardigan's, blazers, scarfs, etc. before saying ah screw it, I'm going bare shouldered damn it!

Funny thing about this dress is that somehow it has survived 4 years, 3 moves, and multiple closet clean-outs to make it to this day and I can only recall wearing it one other time- my college graduation. I always struggle wearing this dress because in all honesty, it's not strapless. It actually is a deep v-neck in the front. I didn't realize how uncomfortable deep v-neck's made me until after I purchased it and struggled through wearing it once. It wasn't until yesterday I though to tuck the top portion in and hike what is the torso of the dress up. Magical.


  1. Great quick fix with the dress, love it as a strapless number and that purse is very cool! Don't forget to enter my Closet Clean-out Giveaway, a new giveaway for every day this week!

  2. Genius! It looks fabulous on you like this!

  3. love the necklace! I bet it took you all of 5 mins to get dressed! Love the simplicity that dresses bring! Great look.

  4. Good call on the neckline! Very chic! And I love your hair! It always looks so "rockstar"

  5. oh wow! looks great as a strapless dress... this look is really all around fab! Love that you opted not to layer, because it is a very chic stand alone dress. Simple necklace...statement bag... done and done! Fab.u.lous!

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

  6. great outfit, ma'am! I love layering too, but sometimes taking the simple route pays off!

    Hosting a giveaway tomorrow and all Fridays in September! stop by if you wanna:)

    The Flip Side of Oz

  7. Hot!!! :)



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