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top- Dolman T Gap, Pants-"Minnie" J.Crew, Shoes- Charles by Charles David, Scarf-American Eagle

Things that Chafe:
(in no particlar order)
1. Persistant (and stagnant) heat.
2. My clothes when I forget to use fabric softener
3. The order cancellation notice I received from Aldo "regretfully" informing me that my coveted sequin shoes were actually out of stock when I ordered them. (super chafe)
4. Coming home late at night to find a random person parked in you "assigned" spot.
5. Bank of America

Ok, so maybe that last one needs a little embellishment. Although if you are a Bank of America customer you probably know all to well. Anyway, long story short: our mortgage payment has increased by $72.24/month thanks to an increase in our property taxes. Yes I realize that my anger is a little displaced because Bank of America does not control that, however, I'm going to blame them anyway. It's not something I should really waste my time worrying about but it's annoying. I felt like SSBF and I had gotten to a good point with our finances. I had begun to relieve SSBF of some of the burden of our monthly bills by contributing some money to our grocery bill and then BAM-mortgage increase, rendering my contribution obsolete (because now it will go to the mortgage). Chafe. Chafe. Chafe.

On the plus side though I freaking love this shirt. I'm feeling a little flash dance vibe coming from these photos because of the way my shirt creeps off my shoulders. I'm glad I went with a tank underneath or else I would have flashed everyone at work.


  1. AGH! I know how you feel. My biggest chafe is when I get billed for something that I forgot about. I like how alot of that happened after I lost my job too, that's like double chafe! For example, I thought if I just abandoned my storage unit they would just cut off the lock and be done with it, I would owe them like $5. Oh no, they continued my rent for two months. I was angry but I understood, but it definitely was not okay. By the way, I am going to respond to your email soon, just need time to do it! haha!

  2. Gah, I hate increased expenses. I'm getting my renewal insurance premium soon, and I'm praying my montly payment doesn't go up. On the plus side, your layering and head scarf look adorable!

  3. I definitely feel and love the flashdance vibe!

    I don't have any history with BOA but I do remember when our mortgage went up $300 a month. Yes, $300, not $30. It was not pretty. I'm sorry!!!

  4. girl, I'm with you... those monthly bills so get in the way of the important things... like shoes

    side note: I am totally diggin your shirt! i've been feeling a little 80s side shoulder action lately too

    Ps - I'm having a blog giveaway on Friday (and every Friday) during the month of September - spread the word, free stuff is always good...

    The Flip Side of Oz

  5. Yes! Flashdance style!! Those pants are awesome, perfect little black Audrey Hepburn style. Sorry about all the chafes - yikes! I've heard it is still crazy hot in Baltimore, but you still look lovely :)

  6. Amazing to see what a Bandana and heels can do to change an outfit!


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