Thursday, October 7

Go Green

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grandpa sweater on Money Smart Fashion (26)
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I am a layering machine. In college I used to wear a minimum of three shirts on most days. One of them always being a white a-shirt, more commonly known as a "wifebeater". I've since graduated from college and politically incorrect tank tops but I will never be too old for layering.

My favorite thing about this outfit is that not one item cost more than $50. I bought every single last one on killer sale. Not to brag but even that buttery soft faux leather coat only set me back $40! Ah, end of season sales. My second favorite thing is my hunter green grandpa/mr.roger's cardigan, or as SSBF would say, my Michigan State green cardigan. In fact, every green thing I wear or touch seems to inspire SSBF to yell "Go Green" which then requires me to reply with "Go White". This exchange probably seems strange to the outsider when we're shopping together but once a Spartan, always a Spartan.  Third is the trousers. As much as I blab on about skirts, deep in my heart I'm a pants girl and these make me happy. This pair especially. They have a narrow but slightly loose cut which makes them a great complement to all kinds of tops. On Tuesday I went with a straight look but I also love to pair them with a boxy or more generous top to play with the silhouette.

By the way, that's Dolce (his brother is Gabbana) in the last picture. He talks a lot. I think he wanted to say hi. If you think that's cute you should see Chloe, she gives kisses. Fashion, finance and cats. I've got it all.


  1. My university was also green (University of North Texas). They called us the Mean Green. That cardigan is definitely Mean Green worthy.

    And we have a mutual affinity for cats. I don't own a cat, yet but I love them. I have cat postcards which may make me really odd... or really cool?

  2. I blogged sweet things about your style today!!

  3. Love your blog! I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  4. Dolce is so cute!! lol I am glad to have found a fellow cat lover :)

  5. I love your trousers! You look so lovely :) Im now following xo

  6. Layering is definitely the best way to enter autumn, love the touches of green.
    Great blog, would love you to visit mine if you have the chance.


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