Friday, October 8

You asked for it

I've gotten a few questions through formspring and in my comments recently that I wanted to take the time to answer. I'm trying to be as productive in my personal life and I am at work, so instead of answering a bunch of one-offs I thought I would answer them here. So I hope this helps answer any nagging questions you may have. If not feel free to keep on asking.

1. How old are  you?
That's an easy one! I'm 26

2. How do you keep track of every little purchase?
The short answer on this is I kind of don't. When I first started I would write down every little thing in a notebook I carried in my handbag. Then once a week I would transfer my scribblings to an excel spreadsheet to keep track of totals. About 18 month ago I opened a rewards card that pays a percentage of my monthly bill to my Sallie Mae serviced student loans so I've consolidated a majority of my spending to that card and check my balance about once a week.
The only thing I still write down is cash purchases. They happen less frequently, but can get me in trouble because I can lose track of what and where I spend it easily.

3. What are you top 3 favorite places to shop?
This is a tough one. My number one place to shop is definitely J.Crew. I am a sucker for almost anything they put together. However 2 and 3 and the rest are kind of a toss up. I'd say I shop at Gap pretty often to call it a favorite but a lot of their stuff is hit or miss. Martin & Osa was a favorite, but then it was closed. I love Anthropologie but usually end up just browsing because of the prices. I also enjoy online shops like Modcloth, Spotted Moth, and Ruche but I prefer buying in person so I can feel the quality of item before buying. Hm, I don't want to sound like a cop out so I will say:
2. Gap
3. Modcloth

4. Who takes your pictures for you?
SSBF takes my pictures for me, begrudgingly. He is a good sport on most occasions and I love him for it. Neither of us have ever taken a class on photography and we use a point and shoot so I realize my pictures don't even compare to some of the other blogger out there, but it's all in good fun isn't it?

5. What does the tattoo on your foot say?
My foot says "Kristi" with a skull and cross bones. She is one of my best friends. I don't want to into specifics but the night I got this tattoo involved a lot of drinking, a lot of music, and a skull and crossbones tank top.

I also received a question asking about the graphs on my sidebar that keep track of my debt payments. It's HTML code, if you e-mail me I will provide it to you.

Whew. That was harder than I thought. If you have any other questions, keep'em coming!
Have a good weekend!

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  1. #3 was my question! haha Those would be some of my top places too :)


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