Tuesday, November 2

His, Mine, and Ours

SSBF and I talk about money. A lot. Surprising? Probably not. Our plans with money tend to change often depending on what is important to us at the time. After setting some financial goals for myself last week I decided to turn the tables to couple Grace & SSBF (as opposed Grace and SSBF?). While we are not yet married, we are just one joint checking account away from combined finances so I thought it would be a good time to make sure our financial goals we're heading in the same direction.

Using 3x5 cards (I love 3x5 cards!) we each wrote down what we wanted us to accomplish in the next 5-years, mostly financially.

our goals

As you can see we have some pretty similar goals. I can probably thank lots of open communication for that. SSBF included some of his personal goals. That was my fault for trying to do this on a Sunday while he set his fantasy football team.

Anyway, next  we went through the individual lists and picked the five goals that were most important to us and put them on a third index card.
our goals

Viola, a quick and easy 5-year plan for the financially lazy. Myself included.

We haven't yet put together an action plan on how we expect to achieve these goals. That will be for the next rainy day.

For all those readers that are attached, have you ever tried something like this with your significant other? Did you not because you were afraid your weren't going to see eye-to-eye? (I was a little worried about that). Any ideas for getting your boyfriend to pay attention to you for just 10 minutes on a Sunday?


  1. I absolutely love this idea! My boyfriend and I recently moved in together, and while we share opinions on finances, we haven't actually sat down and compared our top 5. We may have to this weekend!

  2. I like the idea, will have to try it. I have no suggestions for Sundays though - I just leave the house and catch up with girlfriends or pull out my projects and do that all day. I've kinda written off Sundays in regards to my BF!

  3. It always makes me sad to see people putting off being married because of money. Just have an inexpensive wedding! Our wedding only cost $9000 and my parents gave us $5k of that. I just love being married (3 years now) and I'm glad I didn't put off that joy.

  4. Haven't yet, but this is definitely making me think seriously about it. We've talked a lot about the future, but have yet to put plans into action. And like you guys, he's super thrifty and I like to splurge every once in a while... this may be a good idea to get us on the same page!

  5. I love that you guys did this! BF and I talk about future stuff too but, not in such great detail. I'm glad you are on the same page!


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