Monday, November 1

Do You Know How Much... costs to drive from Baltimore to Philly? Guess. $37 dollars for tolls and gas ( in a Honda Civic). $17 of that in tolls. Ridiculous. I will vote for any congressmen that agrees to repeal all tolls levied in Maryland and Delaware. Mostly Delaware. I hate that stupid first state! Do you know what I could have done with $17 dollars? Me either, but it would way more awesome then paying tolls.

snood weather (6)
snood weather (5)
snood weather
tunic & snood-j.crew, jean leggings-old navy, jacket-express, boots-coach, ring- janeys jewels

Since the drive up there is two hours, SSBF was forced to not only wake up early, but the take pictures for me at the crack of 7:30. As you can see I'm wearing my morning face,hair, and my cozy little snood I picked up from J.Crew. It was a total impulse buy but I have a feeling I will be getting some miles out of it this winter. It's like an infinity scarf only thicker and can be worn like a faux hood (see here).  

Despite the early start and outrageous toll situation the trip to Philly was worth it. I drove up there to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my best friend and bride-to-be Anne along with another one of my closest friends Ellen, and the bride's sister Jen and her mom. They are all people I've known since high school or longer so it was an incredibly fun day. As a group we were able to narrow the bridesmaid dresses down to just two. The color will be navy blue, and it's between these two.

Blue Dress on Jen (front)
worn by Jen, Anne's Sister

purple dress front

Grace and Ellen in FInal 2 (back)
(from the back, me and ellen, pardon my bra tag)

I love both of these dresses for entirely different reasons, they are so beautiful, no wonder it's so hard for us to choose.

The most exciting part of the day by far was Anne picking out her dress. It was not part of the plan that day but it just kind of happened and it is amazing. This is the third wedding I've been in but the first time I was there when the bride bought her dress. Anne is not a crier, but I was pretty close to crying. I was so happy for her! I can not wait until the wedding. I'm not going to show you the one she picked, but by the looks of the losers I bet you can imagine how beautiful it is!

anne's dresses (4)
anne's dresses (7)
anne's dresses (9)

Sorry for the long post, I hope you enjoyed it though :)
How was your weekend?


  1. Your first outfit is so pretty and chic yet comfy looking! And those bridesmaid and wedding dresses are gorgeous! XOXO,

  2. weddings are so much fun! i really like the bridesmaid dress you are wearing. that would be my pick :)

  3. Great pics..and i agree with the tolls:(

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  4. love your hair in this post!!

  5. I really like your hair in these pics! It's great that she found her wedding dress, crying is usually the sign it's the right one!

  6. great day, Grace. Thanks for posting these. I checked out the purple dress on the designers website and the back of it is actually much more open, but I love it still. I'll be down in Maryland again Thursday with my parents but I'll definitely be able to get together next time at the beginning of December. I'll let you know the date when I find out.

  7. Those tolls sound similar to what it cost me to drive from NYC to central NJ to see my cous... craziness

    I love the bridesmaid dress, you look lovely!


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