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Crazy Ways to Save

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I was feeling kind of shmirpy today until I stumbled across this article on The title says it all: "Extreme Saving: 20 Strange Ways to save." It was based on reader's submissions (in 2003) and is clearly laced with plenty of sarcasm but it was too hilarious to not share. Here are some of my favorites: 
Whenever my family goes to a fast-food place, we grab handfuls of the free ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, etc. Then at home my kids transfer the contents of the ketchup packets into the partially full bottle. We have only had to buy one large ketchup bottle in the last two years! Haven't bought salt and pepper in ages. It's a real giveaway!
 Unplug clocks in your house while sleeping.
Next time you need an umbrella, go to your local public library and ask for the lost and found department. Tell them that you left your black umbrella at the library last month. They will show you a selection of several black umbrellas. Select the most expensive and it's yours. The bigger the library, the better the selection of umbrellas
Train your cats to use the toilet! I was spending a fortune on kitty litter until I read about teaching your cat to use the toilet. It took a little training, but eventually they got it. They're neat about it and I save lots of money! (my favorite)

What's even more hilarious then the act themselves is how little money taking these kind of tips seriously will save you over time. Yes, every little bit helps but is it worth being the crazy family who steals ketchup packets for $20 a year? Probably not.

Since it's Friday, and my weekend has already begun, let's have some fun. My extreme savings tip: Only buy clothes that you and your manfriend/girlfriend/significant other can both wear! It will cut the cost of shopping in half!

Now it's your turn.. What's your extreme savings tip?


  1. Okay if I could train my cats to use the toliet I would do that to save money. Otherwise I'm not so broke I won't buy a 1.99 thing of salt!

  2. Ok, if you are spending the money to take your family out to eat fast food how do you figure you are getting big savings by swiping ketchup and mustard packets? First of all you could make the meal cheaper at home and second of all with a good sale and coupons condiments are very cheap. I think I paid 50 cents for my last bottle of ketchup.

    I suppose my "extreme savings" tip is that I buy old sweaters at thrift stores and unravel them for knitting yarn. I like to knit and yarn can get expensive. I found instructions on how to do this online a couple of years ago and have done it ever since. A used sweater can be as cheap as a dollar and a new skein of yarn generally starts at around 3.

  3. OK, I can't believe I'm even admitting this, but here I go....
    My boyfriend and I were invited to a really nice wedding at the Ritz Carlton this summer. Like you, I'm really trying hard to save every penny I can. The Ritz Carlton is, well, pretty "ritzy" and I didn't want to spend money on a brand new black cocktail dress. I dug one of my classics out of the back of the closet, then went to a department store and found these GORGEOUS earrings that were WAY out of my price range, but they dressed up my outfit perfectly. I also bought some expansive bracelets to go with them. I asked for a "gift receipt," and very carefully removed the tags when I got home and put them along with the receipt in a safe place. I wore them to the wedding, received a ton of compliments and returned them the next week. Not to mention, I kept my eye on the earrings for months until they were marked down 70 percent, then went back and purchased them for real. I might go to retail hell, but at least I looked fabulous for one night by "renting" my accessories, and all I had to put down was a "deposit."

  4. That's hilariou... If I could train my cat I would on one level to save money but, on the other to be able to say I did it!


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