Wednesday, October 20

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Since moving into our house last summer my clothes have managed to creep into all three bedroom closets! It's absolutely ridiculous. Normally, I would throw everything in a hefty bag and schlep it over to the goodwill to donate (and claim my $500 no questions asked tax deduction). I started thinking though, why should I give my clothes to someone else to sell when I could easily do that myself! Yes, I realize Goodwill helps the greater good blah blah blah, but let's face it. I'd like to keep as much money in my wallet as possible. There are good things I could do with that money like buy a new pair a shoes or er. pay off debt. Either one.

There is only a few items up right now that are mainly "where to work" (i.e trousers, skirt, trench coat) pieces but I've got a whole heap of stuff (including a few bags) I will be posting as time allows. I might even be able to strong arm SSBF into giving up some of the clothes he doesn't wear anymore for your man-friends.
Head on over to my shop page and take a look around.

Prices for items are listed directly below the picture. In addition I will charge $2.95/order for shipping(if you buy multiple items I will only charge once for shipping!) If you have any questions or want to purchase just e-mail me. All payments will be accepted through paypal only.

You guys are seriously the best, I hope you know that. Thanks for taking the time to check it out and for reading my ramblings so often!



  1. Man, I WISH my closet was that organized.

  2. Agreed!! I wish so hard my closet was like this, but while I do that, I'll just hop on over to the shop and have a look ;)


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