Thursday, October 21

Warm and Cozy Knits

MinkPink Chunky Knit (15)

MinkPink Chunky Knit (6)

MinkPink Chunky Knit (12)
sweater-minkpink via piperlime, leggings-gap, boots-rocketdog via dsw, ring-janeys jewels

Did you ever wish you could just wrap yourself in a blanket and go to work. Well that's kind of what I did yesterday. Wednesday's are never really my day. I always seem to wake up in a haze after two nights in a row of class. I'm sore from the gym, and SSBF always tells me our refrigerator is broken. Ok, that last part's not true always it was just this one time. As in yesterday. I think it might be karma. Anyway I wrapped myself in this incredibly soft mohair sweater from MinkPink and went to work... sans shower. Just a normal Wednesday.

I came home last night to the the newest J.Crew catalogue, which is always an exciting occasion. While flipping through this page caught my eye. I think the fashion gods were trying to tell me something.

j.crew chunky sweater



  1. I LOVE that sweater! It looks so comfy and cozy.

  2. I wish I had something like that to wrap myself in and go to work!

  3. Um... did you see my post today? Wearing the same concept of sweater yesterday.

    Now that's kind of weird.

  4. Got the jcrew mag. yesterday too and already it is marked up with things I need. Great sweater...looks super cozy!

  5. Love, love, love that sweater. I need something I can wrap myself up in like that.

  6. Ooooooo, I loveth the waffle weave pattern.

  7. Pretty!!! I want one, I love that color, too. I need a warm sweater, my job is always so cold :(


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