Monday, November 22

Comfy Cozy

Sweater Remix (2)

Sweater Remix (6)
sweater-minkpink via Piperlime, jean leggings-Old Navy, shirt & flats-Gap

Saturday was one of those days in front of the camera. In my defense though the right side of my face was still swollen from my surgery the day before. Yup that's right, I finally got ride of my last baby tooth after 26 years. All is well, just a few stitches and plenty of pain medicine. If I didn't know better I'd swear my oral surgeon had removed the laziest bone in my body because ever since Friday I've been crazy productive. I even vacuumed, which I think just about put SSBF in shock.

I like to think SSBF and I have similar priorities in life, they just happen to be ranked differently. Like for example cleaning, SSBF has cleaning way up there on his perpetual list of things to do. I on the other hand keep it somewhere around the middle. As in, I clean when I can't stand to look at the mess anymore. I'm trying to be better though. I prefer SSBF to think of me has his cute girlfriend instead of his messy one. Except for this weekend when I was his whiny girlfriend. Oh well, can't win them all.


  1. oh man oral surgery is the worst! glad you've felt productive though :)

  2. You look really comfy and cute! You're a champ for getting out of bed I would probably be a whiny mess...

  3. Yay, glad you finally blogged another outfit your style!!


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